Petition Closed

My daughter, Kat, and I work with local animal rescues to help homeless pets. Many are brought in by owners who just don't have time for them, move, have children, or by caregivers after their owner has passed away. As animal lovers, we often foster pets until they can find permanent homes.

While Longview's animal shelter is staffed by very caring individuals, the fact is that this very old building is outgrown. Over 1000 animals enter the shelter every month. But only around 200 leave alive -- including those who find fosters, rescues, or adoptive homes. This high-kill shelter needs more people willing to take responsibility so they can stop euthanizing healthy pets.

Kat asked me to start this petition because we are so sad about this situation -- and sadder that a local business adds to the problem rather than trying to solve it.

This pet store is a local favorite, for certain. The staff is always friendly and kind. They help find homes for cats and kittens that people bring them. However, they are selling very expensive dogs from breeders, adding to the pet over-population. Kat asked me, "Mom, why don't they find homes for shelter dogs? There's so many!"

I think that's a great question.

As a local business that provides supplies for bettering the lives of pets and families, we think committing to providing homes for the puppies and bunnies and that frequent the shelter would complement their cat/kitten program and help support the area's homelss pets.

This is an important step in gaining public support for a new, larger, community-friendly animal shelter, finding more foster families like us, and giving great animals great homes. This would indeed be a very humane move for the pet store, demonstrating their dedication to the welfare of local pets. Publically advocating for a no-kill shelter would be icing on the cake!

Kat and I thank you for standing up for local animals and making our community a happier, healthier place to live -- for people and pets alike.

Letter to
Owner of Wet Pets and Critters Laura Borens
Laura, you have a wonderful store and spectacular staff. As a pet lover, will you please help Longview's homeless pets by promoting pet adoption and fostering, rather than shopping for pets?

The local shelter gets over 1000 animals every month. Only around 200 make it safely to permanent homes, rescues, and fosters. A kill rate this high is not good for the animals or our community. Many just need a safe place to go and exposure to good families looking for good pets.

Please consider ceasing the sale of expensive breeder's dogs and bunnies. If you will partner with local animal advocates and the Humane Society of Northeast Texas by assisting with their puppy and bunny adoptions rather than stocking animals that will add to the pet over-population in Longview, you will truly be showing your heart for animals. Taking this ethical stand regarding your dedication to animal welfare is an important step in reducing our pet-overpopulation problem humanely. Longview will be a better place to live when it seriously addresses the pet over-population problem without Euthanasia. Please be a part of this.