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PLEASE STOP KILLING US! President Obama,Sec Sally Jewell, Sec Tom Vilsack,Dir Dan Ashe:Stop the killing of the wolves, canis lupus in the U.S.A.

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We are a self-sustaining, highly intelligent, intuitive being with a legacy of family values.

Why are you killing us??

We DO understand the rules of the road, we adhere to a code of conduct.
We take ONLY the weak or the infirm of the elk or deer population.
Our instinct is to catch prey, we LOVE to run the vast open ranges.
We take ONLY .0023% of the livestock and the ranchers get paid for their livestock loss. More livestock are killed by weather or disease. We coexist, you don't need to use lethal deterrants. Mark your boundaries, we understand. Be responsible and 'predator friendly'.
We know the carrying capacity of the land, we never take more than we need.
We are a very interactive species, with profound family values.
We mate for life, we are fiercely loyal.
We are a keystone predator and part of the trophic cascade, we are vital to the natural ecosystem and the systems that support life on Earth. We DO NOT contribute to global warming. We contribute to carbon sequestering. 
We are considered the top of the ecosystem as an apex predator, our existence maintains the survival of trees and riparian vegetation, affecting vital streams that provide plentiful fish, and proper flora and fauna adding to healthy populations of our prey.
We enable vegetation growth by keeping ungulates on the move boosting critical plant and species biodiversity.
Human species come from all over the world to witness our natural behavior, we are revenue drivers for parks and local communities. Non consumptive users of our public lands, like photographers, adore us and love to see us interacting in the environment. We understand they would like to pay a fee not to have us killed. We agree, why is it that only the hunters have a say about our fate because they pay for licenses? Can't our friends have a say in the matter too and pay as well to keep us alive? Just ask them and insitute it as a law. We know they will pay, that's what friends do.
We don't bother humans, while they continue to hunt us down in our dens, in our forests and kill our family members. We grieve and get depressed just like you. Many famous scientists have written articles regarding this aspect of our lives. 

Please, we miss you visiting us. The numbers of visitors at Yellowstone are down 70% because of all the killings on the park's boundary. Tourists don't want to see us killed.
But PLEASE DO NOT spend your hard earned dollars visiting us in these Rocky Mountain states where there are 16,000 registered hunters actively pursuing the end of our species and mistakenly killing our cousins, your dogs, as well :
We total approx 4500 of us canis lupus on Oct 15,2014 in the USA .
Hunters in these states Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin,Minnesota and Michigan have now killed 4000 of us since Sen Tester of Montana attached a rider to the 2011 budget bill giving states the rights to "manage" us. We "manage" ourselves just fine. Since your 'management 'has been in place we are now a mere few hundred in each of those states and the 2014-15 hunting season opened oct 15, 2014 and lasts until March 2015. They have already killed 500 of is in one month in Wisconsin using dogs and machine guns. They have issued 1,000's of hunting licenses and in Montana each hunter can kill 5 of us, so 2 hunters wipe out our entire family. They call it "SMOKING A PACK " We call it Murder! We cannot survive this misery and carnage. And we are smart but we don't have assaut rifles, camo gear and fast ORV's to hop in. This has become unbearable for us. There is no respect or reverance in these thrill kill actions. We don't want to be a trophy or a rug. We don't kill for kicks, we kill to feed our family. Why would you do such a thing, I thought you were an educated species?


 We feel the slaughtering of our species as 'vermin' is the old thinking of those dusty days of the West of the 1800's. That's when the cattle were allowed to trample everything and rule the land, manifest destiny was the order of the day and domination of the earth was the goal and we were taken to near extinction. Is the West going to be just a big feedlot and barren energy field, as you continue to scrape the land of us and other species?

  It is 2015, Please SAVE US, we are the natural and native stewards of the Earth, we are basically the 'cops' of a perfectly coded ecosystem and we remove the weak, the diseased and infirm. Everything in nature works better when we are here. 

There were originally 2 MILLION of us, now they are less than 4,000 in the USA including the Great Lake states, since our reintroduction by Sec of Interior Bruce Babbit in 1995. We are now .0025% of our original numbers when we coexisted with the Native Americans in perfect harmony. We are their spiritual guide and they love us and we them, we taught them how to hunt and are still revered in their communities. President Clinton knew our inportance, we don't understand President Obama's lack of understanding and Sec Jewell, who is an outdoors woman, complete lack of SCIENCE on this issue. We COEXIST with you. We bring big tourist revenues to communities, we are productive members of planet earth. Why are you not obeying the tenets of the Endangered Species Act? Are you breaking your treaty with NATURE?

Do you understand why they are killing us? 


As we are indeed once again, an ENDANGERED SPECIES.



 The CODE OF CONDUCT OF THE WOLVES as detailed by Del Goetz in 1988:
Respect the elders.
Teach the young
Cooperate with the pack.
Play when you can.
Hunt when you must.
Rest in between.
Share your affections.
Voice your feelings.
Leave your mark.

This is the type of life we live, we hope you do too as you promised in the 

affirmed by the US Supreme Court:
Affirms that ALL wildlife, including wolves, belongs to ALL AMERICANS.

76% of Americans don't want us killed.

"In wildness is the preservation of the world," Henry David Thoreau.

Please help us preserve the world. We are doing our part. Please do yours.

We are HOWLING for your help right now, so we can live in peace and harmony and raise future generations to be great stewards of our Earth. Can you do the same?




Walk in Beauty

Canis Lupus

More information, please engage on this issue:


President Obama, CALL: 202-456-1111,
Department of the Interior: Secretary Sally Jewell, CALL: 202-208-3100
USFWS Director Dan Ashe, CALL: 202-208-4717

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