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Dances With Wild Wolves: Rally on National Mall by Exposing the Big Game

rebecca vitale mandich
palo alto, CA

Sep 11, 2013 —  At the national rally on Sept. 7 to protest the federal delisting of wild wolves and the Western states' slaughter of over 1,800 of them so far -- I remember another gathering when I was eye-to-eye with a wild wolf. It was the 1997 Wolf Summit here in Washington State where ranchers, conservationists, and federal representatives met to discuss wolf reintroduction in the Pacific Northwest.

The young male wolf, Merlin, was a two-year-old ambassador from the Colorado haven Mission Wolf. He was here on an educational tour to teach us the real story of wolves. Before Merlin bounded into our midst, Mission Wolf Director Kent Weber schooled us in proper wolf etiquette. "Wolves, like humans, engage in a lot of eye contact to figure out if an expression says 'threat' or 'play,'" he explained. "So when you meet the eyes of a wild wolf, keep an open attitude."

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