Petition Update

Obama delists! 1,155 have died ...and his numbers all wrong!

rebecca vitale mandich
palo alto, CA

Jun 10, 2013 — Pres Obama delists our American Wolf ...he says they are recovered and states there are 6,100 wolves in America these are bad numbers, there is 1 wolf in California ! that is ONE ....and 50 in Oregon 75 in Washington 200 or so in Montana and Idaho and Wyoming after the slaughter have perhaps 400 total. that is 726 wolves in the West ..and the Northeast including Wisconsin and Michigan and Maine ..maybe a 1,000...
This is a recovered population? There were 2 million.
Now we brought them back so the Hunters can get a trophy? This is madness and is immoral. Please call the white house and let him know that this is wrong decision based on faulty inflated numbers! Why did we bring them back? Just to slaughter them? Criminal!