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Please stop eradication of Predators in Norway

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FSA (Food Safety Authority) requires felling of predators before grazing season.

In order to prevent attacks until now 6 wolves are shot. 3 from helicopters - one of them was pregnant. 79 lynx are shot. How many bears and wolverines shot is not known at this time. 225 predators were shot in 2012..

It does not take long before the politicians have removed the last few surviving predators in Norway with this pace.

All these species are sacrificed for the Norwegian farmers who refuse to take responsibility for the animals welfare while grazing. Totally unprotected, and not looked after during the season, as always. And not least for politicians who cheer this solution.

With 130,000 sheep dying each year in Norway out in the forests and on the mountains (2 millions let out most with no guarding) where approximately 30 000 of them are presumed taken by predators, which naturally eat what is placed in the wild. Why is nothing done to reduce the
largest loss of 100 000 animals that die of other reasons in Norwegian nature each season?

Many lambs and sheep freeze and starve to death in winter
because they have gone stray. Other are killed in traffic, are way off, killed by dogs, ticks etc.etc.

Norway has signed the Bern Convention, and this is clearly a violation of the Convention on the protection of wild animals.

Please read the article from the Guardian.UK

Please save the last predators in Norway and instead set stricter rules for sheep farming

Thank you

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