Being a girl it is difficult to survive freely in this world...sad reality of the world

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Harassment,sexual assault,wrong touch,rape every women must have gone through one of these things in her life but who cares...we cannot wear short dresses as we have to take strangers into Consideration like what other people will think and boys will stare....we cannot laugh on roads, we are not allowed to go outside the home after 8 or 9pm because we have a trademark before our name that we are girls...Why? I ask why we have to go through all these things, why we cannot enjoy our life, why we cannot have loud voice...why every time we have to sacrifice....why everyone blame us all the time that she was wearing short dress that is why she got raped...she was laughing on road talking loudly must be inviting boys attention....why if a girl is sitting with a boy, going home with a guy, roaming with a guy, or doing whatever everyone remember girl's name....doing this doing that but why don't you all remember boy's name? Why you all blame girl for everything it means boys have the right to do anything but a girl cannot wear clothes of her wish how in a male dominating world girl can never get equal rights as boys...have you all heard the name of the city JHANSI must be knowing it  by the name RANI OF JHANSI it is famous by a girl's name but no one appreciates do rape our touch our private part our mistake...why?

Let me tell you all why... because in a country like INDIA parents don't want to discuss anything with their children about these serious issues they feel ashame but want to tell you all one is really very important to talk to your children and tell them what is the importance and respect of a women....but they don't... the boys only learn one thing from their homes that every girl must know the household work but according to my perspective every person should know the household as well as outside work....don't you all feel ashame that because of you all we are not allowed to do anything....every time when I walk on road one of the biggest fear is the wrong shameful it is that the men who thinks that big big beard  will make them men are doing all these things no my dear no it will not make you a men but respecting women sad it is that WE ARE NOT SAFE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY... you all know the pain no you don't because you have not experienced the pain of abusive language that everyone uses by taking the name of mother sad that not a single person is taking it seriously...even people think it will make them cool dude but no it will not you are not abusing any person but your mother and sister

RAPE.... boys aged between 9 to 14yrs have raped a 8 years old girl after watching porn...who's mistake??A mother of two got raped...neither she was  wearing a short dress nor she was roaming on roads late in night she was at her house... who's mistake?? You all are animals....I don't know what we all are waiting for...rape is a news of every single day in INDIA.....

Please make your daughter,your sister,your girl strong so that she can stand up for her rights....please girls never depend on anyone for your survival because if you will...people will dominate you.... at last I want to say that A MEN OF QUALITY DO NOT FEAR a man not an animal