Texans for the Enforcement of Litter Laws (TELL)

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Texas is being overrun by plastic trash.  The trash is piling up on our highways, in our parks, on our beaches, in our waterways and in our gulf.  Major reforms are needed to kick litter out of Texas.

Here is the current program to allow Texas residents to report Litterers:

  1. Take down the offenders licence  number
  2. Go to Report A Litterer in Texas site to report offender and the nature of what was tossed.
  3. The offender will receive a letter in the mail reminding them not to litter in Texas and a complimentary litter bag.

Texas litter laws punish offenders with fines of up to $2000 and up to 60 days of community service.

Texans want the litter laws enforced and we want to help identify and punishing  offenders who are trashing Texas.

Please join us in appealing to Texas Leadership to:

  1. Allow citizens to report offenders and submit photo's or videos as proof
  2. Mail litterers a ticket for littering and/or a notice to appear in court

Implementing these small changes would have a huge impact on the amount of litter tossed out on our highways, on our beaches, in our parks, in our waterways, and in the Gulf of Mexico 

Beach Keepers,  are a Corpus Christi based park and beach cleanup group.  To date Beach Keepers have hosted 7 cleanups netting around 6100 pounds of trash.  Beach keepers  see first hand, the plastic trash that is tossed on our beaches and in our  parks. Trash that is  harmful to our environment, fatal to wild life, and will  last 500 years or more. 

Please sign this petition to let Texas leadership know that Texans want the litter laws enforced, and that Texans are willing and able to help.   

Contact Beach Keepers Hub  comment, questions, concerns or information