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Please sign to help American citizens bring home there spouses

I want everyone who is suffering because of the loss of there spouse due to this law that President Clinton passed in 1996 that is keeping our spouses from getting there papers making them wait the full term Immigration gives them.ITs unfair not just to illegal hispanics but the American people who are married to these illegals.

On almost every site u read and everything the Goverment passes is against us millions of families are torn apart because of one law.Many American people are suffering at the hands of their own country because of this law.Help us Mr Obama become united this year with our spouses.


Letter to
Indiana State House
President of the United States
Indiana Governor
Mr Obama
Everyday U see that millions of people are being torn from there families because of Immigration issues.Its not just the illegal immigrates ur hurting its ur own American citizens who are effected over this law.Millions of woman ,children ,men are being torn from their spouses and sent back to their country when trying to get their spouses legal.Then given unfair bars with no chance of filing any kind of waiver until the time specifiied. Its unrealistic, unfair and Unjust law that we have in effect.In America when u commit a crime u get reduction in ur sentence spending half the time or less for ur crime.This law Past President Clinton has in effect is keeping our spouses in their home land until the time Immigration gives them with no time off for good behavior.U say come out of the shadows ,but when we did this is what we faced.Please do away with this law give us Immigration reform so we can bring our spouses back home to their families.You say help the economy alot of these families are in the welfare sysytem now because of the loss of one of their parents.Mexico is a very poor country they pay there people peanuts to work and there is so much violence its almost impossible to travel there to see them.WE the people need a good comperhensive reform.

Deborah Estrada Indiana