Let Brooke and Kids Like Her Attend Public School

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Five-year-old Brooke Adams from Santa Rosa was born with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy that causes severe seizures and developmental delays.

For Brooke, a few drops of cannabis-derived THC oil help halt ongoing seizures (that can often last longer than an hour) in just three minutes. This means less suffering, fewer prescription drugs, and no more frequent ambulance trips to the ER for Brooke and her family. Unfortunately, federal cannabis prohibition prevents Brooke from attending public school in California with her vial containing a dose of her cannabis-based medication.

Please sign this petition so Brooke and other kids like Brooke can one day attend public school with their effective and potentially lifesaving cannabis-based medication. 



By the time she turned one, Brooke was already taking an assortment of prescription drugs meant to prevent her debilitating seizures. Stopping the seizures once they started required a different drug, known as a “rescue” medication.

Unfortunately, the medications didn't work for Brooke. The rescue drug would slow down her breathing so drastically that she had to be intubated every time she had a seizure.

After numerous ambulance trips to the ER, Jana - Brooke's mom - tried cannabis-based medications that actually worked for Brooke.

Now, after a doctor's recommendation, Jana gives Brooke a few drops of cannabis-based CBD tincture every day to prevent seizures. This tincture has reduced the number of seizures and Brooke now needs fewer prescription medications. 

In case of a seizure, a few drops of cannabis-derived THC oil applied between Brooke’s gums and teeth tend to stop her seizures within three minutes. Since a seizure can occur without much warning, Brooke always carries potentially life-saving doses of her rescue medication in little vials with her wherever she goes.

Please sign this petition asking the California State Legislature to pass an amendment to impending legislation that will allow children like Brooke to take their prescribed cannabis-derived medications to school.  

SB-1127 - a bill introduced by Senator Hill - has already passed the Senate and Assembly (July 3). This bill would make it legal for only parents or legal guardians to come to school with the medicine, and remove it immediately after they dose the child. Unfortunately, this bill doesn’t give Brooke the ability to access her medicine at school or for a designated school personnel to administer it in her parent's absence. 

Colorado, New Jersey, Maine, Washington, and Pennsylvania already have legislation like SB-1127 allowing parents to administer necessary cannabis-based medications to their children in school. 

Colorado also recently passed an amendment to their bill (Quintin’s Amendment) allows the designated school personnel to administer a non-smokeable medical cannabis to students. Brooke's family and other families like hers need a similar amendment to SB-1127 in California. 

Please sign this petition to California's legislators demanding legislation that can make a world of difference for Brooke and thousands of other kids like her.


Image Credit: Lee Romney / KQED