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Please sign this petition asking for a fair trial, I do not want my daughter adopted.

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Please help me.  A year ago today I gave birth to my daughter.  I was allowed home on the same day and a day later a midwife visited and even my older sister.  They saw no problems.  The second day another midwife called and from that day onwards the Social Services have seen me as a potential cause of harm to my daughter.  They have taken her off me and they are refusing me to see her until she is older (18 years old).  Her own mother.  I am ever so upset.  This has caused me immense anguish and I am emotionally hurt.  

The reason for them to think I might cause harm starts from when the midwife inspected my baby.  To me, she appeared healthy although on further inspection the midwife pointed out she had an 'over exaggerated reflex'.  I was surprised and slightly panicked.  Even more so when instead of asking me to call an ambulance the midwife told me to fit the car seat and drive to the hospital.  I asked her if she could help me to fit the car seat and she told me it was beyond her duty to fit my car seat, she then left.

I was absolutely panicked.  I was struggling to get to the hospital, it took me several hours.  I fought to get to the hospital, feeding my baby, trying to understand how to fit the car seat and driving there.

When I got to the hospital, I was told to feed my baby.  Then several hours later the medical staff told me she had an infection and she needed to be given antibiotics.  I believe this is where the symptoms of a mental disorder started to show.  I became paranoid and mistrustful of the doctors at the hospital.

My baby was taken off me.  They gave her antibiotics and became better again.  After a week when it was time for her to leave the hospital, the Social Services gave her to foster parents.  I was absolutely distraught because she was not coming home with me.

Throughout the 26 weeks of court proceedings I wanted to prove I could look after my daughter.  I felt I could look after my daughter.  If the midwife would have supported me more, if I had support after giving birth I would have managed perfectly well.  The Social Services were constantly putting me down, accusing me of not feeding my baby or dressing her with warm clothes; all of which were lies.  They made me feel isolated and insecure.

I am a single parent.  With very few family members, I would say I am quite independent.  I rely on myself.  Having given birth, these accusations spiralled out of control.  I had only just given birth and I found I could not speak up for myself.  I found it difficult to speak or find the words I wanted to say.  I perhaps could not see from other's points of view because there was no support for me, from the start and throughout the months after giving birth my confidence was knocked.  The courts were fair to ask me to see two psychiatrists and a psychologist. 

Two months after birth, the first psychiatrist suggested I had suffered from a mental and behavioural disorder, F53.  The psychologist agreed.

However, not one of the parties in the court proceedings cared to inform me that the two medical professionals agreed on F53 and they all chose to ignore this information.  They never told me of F53 and my own solicitor even withheld the information from the actual psychiatrist's report from me accepting that I was not diagnosed.

Months later, in September, the second psychiatrist suggested I had not suffered from F53, he believed it was a disorder such as Asperger's.  Although, I remained undiagnosed.

Please, I am asking the courts to overturn the decision for a Placement order and Adoption order.  I only found out what the first psychiatrist thought after the last hearing because the courts information was made available to me.  The psychiatrist and psychologist both agree I can look after my younger daughter.  I have brought up my older daughter without no trouble even having the same problems during the prevailing months after her birth.

I am having further tests to finally find a diagnosis and completion is soon.  I have complained to the Law Ombudsman about my solicitor for withholding the first psychiatrist's report from me.  I am desperately asking for your help to get my daughter back.  Please sign this petition to stop the forced adoption of my baby.

Thank you in advance.  I love my baby and my family are my life.


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