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Please Sign the Petition to Protect Cancer Patients

Joseph is a former employee of the year at Walmart who suffered from an inoperable brain tumor. He was fired for failing a routine drug test for using his doctor recommended medical cannabis in the evenings to treat his dire symptoms. How can a Michigan court humanely say, and claim to support justice when it supports the firing of a cancer patient on the basis of using the only effective available treatment to alleviate pain and suffering. This is not humane, this is not just. This is a blatant demonstration of the power of corporations like Walmart to manipulate the justice system. The people should not stand for this manipulation. We must take a stand to protect the integrity of our justice system and our own humanity. This is a precedent setting case and needs to be addressed so that many others do not suffer the same fate as Joseph, who is know unemployed and struggling to support his wife and children. Please sign this petition so that we may show the courts and corporations everywhere the people will not stand for this injustice and dehumanization!!!  Please also join us in a boycott of Walmart for this and their many other destructive practices!!!

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    Appeals Court Ruling: Medical Marijuana Act Offers No Protection

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