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Please sign the petition to prohibit carts pulled by horses in Uruguay

Almost everyday there is a carcrashed horse, most of them die, severe horse mistreatment is taking place in Uruguay with horses that have to pull carts amoung heavy traffic and are always hit by these cruel people who collect wastes. Some are skinny, injured, hit with watever thing they get, some have to work for 8 hours without a stop and then they are rented to another cart wastes collector, some mares are pregnant and are obliged to pull till they have their babies in the street, this is all a real torture and is the worst animal mistreatment in Uruguay. They are treated like slaves or worse, and when they can no longer pull or get injured or car crashed, they are sent to horse slaughterhouses, so I started a petition in January and at the moment I have 3862 signatures, on the 16th I had an interview with the Intendant at the Municipality in Montevideo, Uruguay at 2:30 pm and handed her the pettition with all the signatures, and a solution which is:

there are thousands of vehicles getting spoilt at the different Municipality deposits horses can be changed by  those vehicles, and horses could come to our hands so that they can be freed at fields and we could save their lives from slaughterhouses. The Intendant said that in May they are going to start checking carts. She understands that Montevideo has too many cars and she said that little by little it will be done. My idea is that if horses arechanged by cars or any kind of vehicle, neither the state nor the Municipality  would have to pay anything. On the other hand we will be able to save horeses form torture.

On the 25th March I will have another interview with the President of the Municipality Departamental Board, and will also hand the signatures I get upto that time, after we will manifest for the abolition of carts pulled by horses and we will have TV repoters to cover the latest news (tv, radio and news papers).

At the same time we are supporting a law project thatwas created by Congressman Anibal Gloodtdofsky for the abolition of carts pulled by horses, and he is spreadding our pettition through the parliament, we are also having interviews with diffferent Congressmen and Senators at the Parliament.  

 Our National Emblem has a horse as a liberty symbol, they say that Uruguays' freedom was achieved thanks to the horses, but in this country they are slaves and when they are ill or useless to them they are abandonned in the worst condition, on the 2nd March, a horse who was pulling a cart, was car crashed, so, the owner untied the horse from the cart, and left him lying in the middle of a heavy traffic street Camino Civils y Cno la Boyada, Cerro, neighbours tryied to make him stand up, he had both forehands fractured so he fell to the ground again, they dragged him to one side of the steet, and he fell in a huge street hole and both forehands got stuck into the cement drains hole, so he died of the pain, I was phonned an hour later from when it all began, called the police, they got there immediatly, called animal lovers people who lived nereby, got photos, called vet help for him, when the vet got there evrything was already over and the horse had died. On the 4th March we manifested against carts pulled by horses in font of the Municipality and tv channels were present so I was interviewed and Diario El País, (newspaper also was present, observador, Radio Montecarlo).

I know we are going to succeed, and we can no longer stand animal mistreatment, it has got even worse in Uruguay nowadays!!! Help us signing the petition I beg you!!

                                              Sincerely yours,

                                                                    Mary Brown
                                                             Animal Help in Uruguay                                                                                                                                                                                                                Tel Ner. (598) 2292 09 88



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