Allow Independant Schools freedom of religion to teach Creationism and Intelligent Design

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The science of Intelligent Design is the complex study of biology that proves a Higher Being created the world. This is in line with the belief of most religions, including Christianity, Islam and Judaism, that God created the world.

The government, however, is considering banning the study of Intelligent Design in Independant Schools, in favour of almost exclusively teaching the aitheist theory of Evolution, or Darwinism, that claims that the world evolved by itself over millions of years.

Intelligent Design was only discovered in the 1980s as modern technology enabled scientists a closer peek at the complex world of DNA and gene patterns.

Darwinism was discovered as long ago as the 1850s and has been sharply criticized since then. Evolution simply can't explain the origin of the genetic code, the biogeographical distribution of species, human traits and abilities that offer no survival advantage, and so much more.

However atheists are inclined to completely discredit the science of ID in an attempt to deny that there is living proof of a Creator's Hand in our world.

Intelligent Design is not a religious study. It is purely scientific. Science means being open to questioning and examining all theories.

To ban the study of Intelligent Design in schools, is not in the spirit of science. It is atheist fascism. 

Fascism is defined as the forcible suppression of opposition. Passing this law is exactly that. It is the forcible suppression of opposition to Darwinism.

This law would completely contravene the British Values of:

1. Democracy

2. Respect for all beliefs and faiths and for those who don't have faith

Forcing a religious school to teach only evolution, would:

1. Take away their democratic right to teach the science of ID

2. Show a complete and utter disrespect for the tenements of their faith by being forced to teach a science that completely undermines their belief

This is not a theoretical debate. It is a political movement, reminiscent of historical fascism, that undermines religious beliefs and aims to brainwash all British children to be atheists.

In the name of Democracy and Freedom of Religion, we demand that the suggested laws be retracted immediately.

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