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Taiji Japan Dolphin hunt. Don't Let This Happen Anymore. Please keep the dolphins in the wild and not in captivity. We will continue to spread the awareness of this cruelty.

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PLEDGE I want the people of Taiji to know that there are many people who knows about their dolphin killing. Please sign this petition if you agree that it is a horrible act.  We have seen and know what is done to the Dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Please keep the Dolphins in the wild and not in captivity. We will continue to spread the awareness of this cruelty. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Repeal the endorsement of this protocol and end with it the continuing endorsement of the brutal dolphin drive hunts. This prohibits the acquisition of dolphins from the wild through indiscriminate and cruel methods, like the Japanese dolphin drive hunts. The aquarium is one of just a handful in Japan that does not take dolphins from the wild. Despite an international trend taking the opposite tack, the number of aquariums in Japan is growing and sales of dolphins continue to flourish, results of an independent study have revealed. Japan is the world’s leader in aquariums and the numbers of cetaceans kept in them. The nation’s aquarium count close to 100, meaning almost one-fifth of the world’s total are located in Japan. Around 57 percent of JAZA member institutions keep a total of 600 dolphins. The United Kingdom closed all its dolphinariums back in 1993 and more than 23 other nations, including Australia, Mexico, Thailand and Croatia, have either banned the catching or trade of wild dolphins, or keeping them in captivity. This is mainly due to a growing belief that to do so constitutes a form of animal abuse. Japan is considered a first-world country, but when it comes to this industry, it’s in the same camp as China and other developing nations.” Some species reportedly sell for as much as ¥15 million. They sell dolphins with one hand, and slaughter even more with the other. Not only on what many experts worldwide believe to be inhumane hunting methods employed by Taiji’s fishermen, but also their annual slaughter for the meat of hundreds more of the cetaceans. The pressure to ban to import of dolphins caught in Taiji’s “inhumane” is growing.   Reed more detail :  

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