SIGN: SIAC must be fined by Irish Gov for the Environmental Disaster at Dunlaoghaire

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There has been a large environmental incident at the site of the Dunlaoghaire baths which is currently being refurbished by SIAC Construction.  They have admitted that tens of thousands of plastic rods used to reinforce cement were released into the bay at the site and onto the shoreline. How this occurred has not been publically disclosed at present!

Dunlaoghaire-Rathdown County Council appear to be taking decisive steps to try and handle this situation quickly and in the best interest of the environment, by taking on their own Environmental Consultant.

However this incident should not have occurred in the first place, and until the first assessments are completed we do not know the full impact to the marine ecosystem, and onshore birds & wildlife residing in the greater vicinity of the pollution site.  

We are calling on Minister Bruton to ensure: 1) A landmark fine is imposed on SIAC Construction inline with an environmental incident of this scale 2) SIAC are held responsible for all cost incurred to clean up 3) Review what environmental assessment of construction materials was done prior to commencement of works 4) A full and thorough investigation of how this environmental disaster was allowed to happen by SIAC in the first place, and that this information is made available to the public.

We need higher penalties to be imposed on companies who behave negligently toward our vulnerable natural environments.  New legislation is needed to achieve this.  We need to set a new precedent here as a deterrent to such incidents from happening again. Companies must desist from this type of negligent behaviour, and this we believe will be achieved, with higher penalties and by disclosing all findings to the public, so that lessons will be learned from this incident & ensure that they are held accountable!