Dissmiss the charges against The Tucker's! #thetuckerfight

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Dissmiss the charges against The Tucker's! #thetuckerfight

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Erica Tucker started this petition to Johnson County and

Support The Tucker's as they fight for their lives against Johnson County!


Hey there! I am Erica and the Mom of "The Tucker Family". My husband is Greg and we have 5 beautiful children. We reside in Burleson, Texas in Johnson County which is 15 miles South of Ft Worth, Tx.

Our cause is to help us fight the criminal charges against Johnson County. My Husband and I are both being charged with "child endangerment" because I nursed my youngest while inhaling Cannabis. I have suffered from seizures for the past 3 years but the medicines were so expensive to buy unfortunately. I am a SAHM after working for my Church for 7 years as a Bible School Teacher. My Husband works in the surveying field and has for the past 12 years.

We need ALL of the exposure we can get!!!

Here is my Blog I wrote about our family when we decided to go public. ---> The Tucker Fight Blog Post

*One of our amazing friends wrote this amazing blog. He worded everything so amazingly so I will be using his blog with all of the correct links. I will also include the link to his blog HERE.


BURLESON, TEXAS: Erica Tucker and her Husband Greg have 5 beautiful children who mean the world to them. Now the claws of the state have been embedded into their family for their choice of medicine. She has unfortunately suffered from seizures for over 2 and a half years now. Epilepsy, an incurable disease has taken hold and will not let her go . The $325 a month medicine became unaffordable . So she researched for a more natural and less expensive treatment. The one that popped up the most as a clean and safe alternative to the long list of chemicals and side effects that are present in pharmaceuticals was cannabis. To get it into her system she inhaled it, after endless studying of all the natural properties present and the zero side effects with Cannabis, she safely continued to nurse her youngest son. On March 18th 2016 she had one of her worst grand mal seizures to date.  She was rushed to a local hospital in the back of an ambulance. One of the numerous interrogation like questions was if she was breastfeeding, and she responded yes. The additional facts crossed her mind that a natural plant that has been used as a medicine for centuries couldn’t do any harm to her son. The hospital nurse made her pee in a cup for a drug test (never heard of this) and  immediately alerted Child Protection Services (CPS) without even letting her or her husband know about it. They were caught off guard and blindsided that evening when these evil government officials showed up to their home and breached their peace by kidnapping all five of their kids right out of their safe warm beds. Erica is a stay-at-home-mom that educates her children in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Mrs. Tucker has also been a Bible School teacher for the last 7 years. This upstanding mother who never neglected or did any harm to her kids was flabbergasted at this troubling and authoritarian action by the local government-funded child abduction ring.  They performed a drug test on their little boy. Her 22 month old tested slightly positive for cannabinoids which are harmless and are already present in the human body. No harm was done to anyone but the state decided to forcefully separate the kids from their loving Mother and Father.  CPS returned their kids after 5 and a half long months, then passed the case on to the to the Burleson Police Department. The detective who received it could’ve just dropped it, but instead decided to use his authority to pursue ridiculous “child endangerment” charges against the Tucker’s simply because she fed her son while using a natural medicinal herb. So now the Johnson County District Attorney Dale Hanna has picked up this victimless case and is thinking of more ways to ruin the lives of this wonderful family. When I contacted Erica she has learned that this charge is bogus according to the {Texas Penal code 22.041 : section 3) the person injected, ingested, inhaled, or otherwise introduced a controlled substance listed in Penalty Group 1, Section 481.102, Health and Safety Code, into the human body when the person was not in lawful possession of the substance as defined by Section 481.002 of that code.} Then we find that Penalty Group 1 does not even contain Cannabis. So DA Dale Hanna needs to do some reading of these laws that he is elected to enforce and drop this case.  The CPS case has officially been closed and now they are even more open with their story and have no further fear of sharing this to the whole world.  Erica emotionally stated, "Our story is one that should be heard and I hope it touches the hearts of many people out there. No family should be ripped apart because of a natural medicine that is being legalized all over the US. This is such an expensive situation and we are just making ends meet with bills and a ton of late fees. I don’t know though because it sounds crazy to me but our lawyer thought it was a good idea. Our babies are now home and all of them are being homeschooled and loved on nonstop. I hate that our family was torn apart because of a law that should have be passed for legalization. We never lost the smile on our face throughout all of this. We remained positive even though we were breaking down inside.” Erica recently posted an update to their case on their FundRazr Site. "We had our arraignment on Dec 13th and were given a “deal” (eyeroll) of 6 months in State Jail/Prison at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, 6 months at an in home Rehab facility, and 5 years probation. We pleaded not guilty and were given two court dates for a Pre Trial and Trial. We now have to call a number to see if our color comes up for random drug testing at $44 a PIECE (Greg and I). At $88 a week we are hurting sooo BAD!! Our blog is being updated as I type with our story and we hope we can get some sponsors soon so we can pay our Lawyer his fees.” This is just a case of continuing the flow of money into the coffers and pockets of these crooked and corrupt officials and government agencies. Cannabis has proven time and time again to be safe and effective in treating all sorts of ailments. The prohibition of this medicinal herb is not to protect anyone, it is to continue the root of all evil which is Money." In closing I asked Mrs. Tucker for a statement to include in this story and she exclaimed, “This whole ordeal has been the worst thing that has ever happened to our family. It was traumatizing to say the least. We have always been very involved parents and always put our children first. I have homeschooled them the past 2 years as well as been a fulltime stay at home my after resigning from my 7 yrs as a bible school teacher. Our kids have not gone without, that is until all of this started. It is all about money to Johnson County. $88 a week for probation for my husband and I and $10k on a lawyer. Life is tough right now. I will say how thankful I am for all of the small no profit organizations who have helped our family through this tough time. We have been blessed so much by them. They gave our kids a wonderful Christmas. No family should have to endure this horrible journey over a plant. A plant that has proven its beneficial tendencies. To offer someone jail time for them saying they smoked marijuana to treat their seizures naturally because seizure medicines are so high is ridiculous. I don’t wish this on anyone.”  
If you can please help support the Tucker’s, whether it be your voice, presence at court, a phone call, letter or fax to the DA, or by simply dropping them a donation to cover Legal Representation and assist them with all their on past due bills. Your assistance will be appreciated.


...and here’s some more information about this amazing family in need.


#thetuckerlife #thetuckerfight

Instagram: @ericamtucker @thetuckerlife


Thank you again for all of your support,

The Tucker's


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