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Stop using Access to Justice Act to block unrepresented litigants from the Court of Appeal

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In the 21st century United Kingdom every British citizen has the democratic right to access our court system in order to hold both members of the public and public organisations to account for any wrongdoings and seek redress within the UK right?

Well it's not quite as straightforward as that!

Here's my story:

As a law abiding citizen of the UK I found it necessary to hold our wonderful Metropolitan Police Service to account as I had been harassed and victimised (not arrested) on no less than 4 occasions without good reason or justification.

My first point of call was to write to my local Borough Commander on at least 18 occasions, intermittent by several meetings with senior police officers at my local police station.

Copies of various letters were also sent to the then Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe in order to keep him in the loop.

After being constantly brushed aside and fobbed off, I decided to take my complaint to the next level.

So I contacted the IPCC with 4 separate complaints.

All 4 complaints were upheld and recommendations were made.

Despite this and with no publicity, the Metropolitan Police continued to deny any wrongdoing.

I also felt that the police were intending to ignore the IPCC Recommendations because they were made as a result of complaints by a nobody with no publicity.

That's when I decided to issue civil proceedings at the High Court in March 2014.

The Metropolitan Police responded by filing their Acknowledgement of Service out of time.

As a result of this I obtained a Default Judgement.

By hook and by crook (underhand tactics) the Metropolitan Police, together with legal representatives and counsel were able to set aside my Default Judgement by any means necessary!

As a litigant in person, I decided to exercise my democratic right to appeal.

My appeal consisted of 52 pages and 458 paragraphs, supported by 13 Authorities and raises important points of principle and practice for the Court of Appeal to make a determination thereof.

However the High Court Judge swiftly dismissed my appeal as being wholly without merit.

One wonders how the Judge could have reached such a decision.

Undeterred, I filed an appeal to the Court of Appeal.

My appeal consisted of 54 paragraphs, the Human Rights Act articles 6,13 &14 and supported by 13 Authorities.

Again I was slapped down by the High Court who stated:

"the court of appeal does not have the jurisdiction to entertain your appeal" and citing s54(4) Access to Justice Act 1999 which has wrongly blocked my case from progressing to the Court of Appeal then if necessary the Supreme Court.


This is an example of a two-tier legal system that operates in the United Kingdom:

One for represented litigants and one for unrepresented litigants (via the AJA1999).

This piece of legislation should be renamed the Access Denied to Justice Act 1999 as it appears that it was created for and used as a weapon against unrepresented litigants. 

Again undeterred I made a complaint via my MP to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

Unfortunately The PHSO were equally as uninterested in my concerns.

It's surprising what our Great British public bodies can get away with when the media have their backs turned and there is no publicity.

Now it's time for the great British public and the media to shine the spotlight on my case and help me to get the justice that I rightfully deserve.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Metropolitan Police are now pursuing me for £10,160.64 cost order for standing up to them and attempting to hold them to account for their wrongdoings.

Whilst at the same time, the High Court Master and two High Court Judges have been denied the opportunity for their respective judgements and judicial decisions to be tested at the Court of Appeal and if necessary our great British Supreme Court.

Is that fair? Is that justice?

As I have clearly demonstrated throughourt my case, if you are a Litigant in Person and without the oxygen of publicity, crazy and underhand things can and do happen in order to crush anyone who attepts to hold our great Metropolitan Police Service and our wonderful Judiciary to account for their wrongdoings.

Remember Hillsborough and Stephen Lawrence to name a few?

And these were the high profile cases!

Justice should be for all, not just the privileged few who can afford expensive lawyers or in this instance the Metropolitan Police Service who employ taxpayer funded legal representation in order to defend claims against them by any means necessary.

Section 54(4) Access to Justice Act 1999 should not be used as a weapon to block legitimate appeals from reaching the Court of Appeal.

The Access to Justice Act 1999 is clearly a discriminatory piece of legislation which  is being used against unrepresented litigants.

It is not the end of the road until either the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom or the European Court of Justice makes that determination.

I await my day at the Court of Appeal.


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