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Started by anne-mari helsing

Did you know that in a so-called civilized country like my home country Norway, which is world famous for its global work fighting for human rights, the authorities on the other hand kills innocent healthy animals if they THINK an animal has entered the country illegally? -They do!! This campaign is set up so the people not only in Norway, but people all around the world can protest against the Norwegian Food Safety Authority in Norway, who wants to kill an innocent cat named Cy. They decided to kill him because they claim Cy came to Norway by a ship that recently had arrived from Cyprus. 

No one can either prove or disprove that Cy came from Cyprus.


Cy was discovered on a ship in a harbour in Stavanger in autumn of 2021 as he wandered on and off the vessel. This ship was soon to proceed to England, and the Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals (NSPA) Nord-Jæren was contacted to help the cat, because they could not risk the cat going with them to England.  The Norwegian Food Safety Authority then was contacted, and they back then decided the cat had to be quarantined for 4 months, get a health check and all necessary vaccines since he could possibly have gotten on the boat in Cyprus.

The quarantine was estimated to cost in proximity of 24,000 NOK (about 2335 Euro), and NSPA in Nord-Jæren asked it’s sister branch in Bergen for help. NSPA in Bergen & Hordaland immediately decided to take full responsibility for the cat, and pay the quarantine fee so that Cy could live. The ownership was passed on to NSPA Bergen & Hordaland, and he was also chipped on the organisation. 

So far everything was ok. Cy was quarantined at a quarantine hotel for animals at Gardermoen in Oslo where he received rabies vaccines and other necessary vaccines and health checks. He was given the nickname "The cat that tricked death" by the quarantine staff. They got regular updates about Cy that he was healthy and well, and said he was social and very loving and friendly cat.

But then: In beginning of January 2022 the shocking news came. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has reversed its decision, and has decided that Cy will have to be euthanized.

This due to the change in law in 2018, when a ban about importing “homeless animals” from a number of countries came, including animals from EU countries -such as Cyprus. This law is based on fear of infectious diseases we do not have in Norway.

Press the link to read about the law:

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority by the way took Cy from the quarantine hotel and placed him at a secret place. NSPA Bergen & Hordaland have no information where he is now, or if he is well. No info at all given.

So, now the battle to stop the murder of an innocent cat in which no one with certainty knows where he came from, is starting. A lawyer now have sent a complain about the decision, and reported NSPA Bergen & Hordaland will try to bring the case to trial in the justice system. Such a fight will cost, but if it can save Cy`s life, and change the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's practice once and for all, it's worth it. A fundraise to cover the cost of the trial is going on at the facebook page to NSPA Bergen & Hordaland.

Link to their FB page where one can both see their ordinary work to help animals, and read about Cy in different posts:

Also the biggest organisation fighting for animals rights, NOAH for animals rights are involved. They sent a lettet to the authtities, asking them to reverse the decision and hand him over to NSPA Bergen & Hordaland.Link to the post at their FB page.

It is totally unreasonable to kill a healthy and social cat, who has completed its full quarantine period (+ 2 months!), and which have had all necessary vaccines and health checks. The regulations exist to prevent infectious diseases from spreading as you could read above– but the risk of spreading disease, if it ever was a risk, has been well taken care of. So, it’s NO REASON WHAT SO EVER to kill Cy! And it has to be mentioned the Norwegian Food Safety Authority have made an exception from the law when it comes to refugee animals coming from Ukraine with their owners, so why on earth should they not do the same for Cy? Nothing makes sense, and its truly unfair, not to mention both cruel and inhuman treatment of this beutiful cat.

By signing this campaign, you are showing your support to Cy, and you give him a voice! Your signature will tell the Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian government that you did read his story, and demand they release Cy to Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals Bergen & Hordaland where a home is waiting for him. -Its not to late to act fair! 

Or, if the Norwegian Food Safety Authority can proof without doubt that Cy actually is from Cyprus, and despite the fact he is proven completely healthy, still denies him to stay in Norway, you support the demand that Cy at least must get dispensation to return to Cyprus. 

-In Cyprus they are ready to welcome Cy! Stella Stylianou, President of the Argos Dog and Cat Shelter in Cyprus (A NO KILL shelter), also member of the District Animal Welfare Committee, member of the Pancyprian Coordinating Committee and Ambassador to WAD Cyprus, has agreed to accept him to Cyprus into the care of the Argos Sanctuary. They will give him the best care possible as long as he need, and of course give him all the love and care Norwegian authorities denies him to receive in Norway. She is utterly shocked by this case. 

-The opportunity to return Cy to Cyprus is so far denied by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

We do not accept they kill Cy, and we hope people all over the world support him by giving him a signature. 

Your signatures will be sent to the Managing Director for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority Ingunn Midttun Godal and Sandra Borch, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Thanks for your time and help, its high valued and appreciated.

-Anne-Mari Helsing, freelance volunteer in Norway. 

This campaign is approved by Norwegian Society for Protection of Animals Bergen & Hordaland
Name at their Facebook page written in Norwegian:
Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge Bergen og Hordaland






5,439 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!