Tory's been incarcerated since 2008 for a crime she didn't commit. Please, send her home.

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I am Torenda Whitmore's mom and we are seeking support for her petition for Clemency from President Trump. Torenda is a first time offender whom in all rights is innocent, and was sentenced in 2009 to 2 Life sentences for convictions sustained from kidnapping charges wrongly brought against her. Since 2008 Tory has had 0 (zero) negative incidents and no rules violations reports. She is the model senior inmate. 

Getting to know Tory:

Name: Torenda Whitmore, #15123-043
Race: African American
Age: 51
Martial Status: Married 
Children: 2
Grandchildren: 1
State charged: Mississippi
Will release: New Orleans, LA
Charges, Count 1: Kidnapping
Sentence: 292 Months
Began 2 Life sentences on: 8/26/2009
Resentencing 292 months: 2010
Priors: First Offender
Prison conduct: Stellar*

Supporters: Family members.
Institution: FCI - Coleman Complex Camp

Correspondence Accomplishments: (view links...)

All FBOP Required Programming Completed*
VT Cosmetology License - (valid to date)
Medical Billing and Coding College Courses
Veterinary Assistant College Courses
P.I.T. Permit - Forklift Operator

From Torenda:

I have been incarcerated in the FBOP since 2008, for a crime that I did not commit, charged solely by association. Two (2) affidavits from both co-defendants states that I had no knowledge or involvement in any of the crimes charged, nor did anything pertaining to what transpired (documents can be provided). Please, send me home to my children and mother.

In my steps taken towards regaining my FREEDOM, after being  incarcerated during this period of eleven (11) years,  State  of Mississippi 19th Judicial District, former District Attorney,  now, Mississippi Appellate Court Justice, Anthony Lawrence, provided a letter in my behalf which aided the reduction of two (2) Life sentences I once served, to currently being sentenced to 292 months after "Tony" Lawrence assisted in 2010 resentencing. Although, I am entirely innocent. I have accepted responsibility of being at the wrong place, at the wrong time and with the wrong people. I have never had a record of any kind before said 2008. I was a single parent of 2 children and now a grandchild. My daugter is diabetic with other advancing serious medical health issues while taking care of my 6 year old granddaughter, and my son has a very demanding job as a firefighter. I also have a mom that has breast cancer now. I know I can be of great help to my family as well as the community.

I believe I was given a harsh sentence in comparison to today's sentences for the same crime I alleged committed. I believe that I was punished more severely in my sentencing because I exercised my right to a jury trial.

While being incarcerated I have acquired high blood pressure and diabetes which need medical assistance and medicine to control. I have release plans already set with a job/(s) and transportation as well as a place to live. I have maintained a good disciplinary with no incidents reports the whole time being incarcerated. I have completed all the necessary courses of programming as well as correspondence college classes (listed above) to help rehabilitate myself. I have a safety net of people willing to Watch Over Me when granted release. 

I've not ever lost hope that some day God will grant me my immediate return to FREEDOM. I celebrate each day with renewed hope and faith, taking the necessary steps through my works (actions) knowing that I will receive clemency. I see life being restored and all I need is the given chance and opportunity. I know that I will be able to move forward and be an asset to my family and community. Please, I humbly ask for your support and continued prayers through the grace of God to help me acquire your signatures upon this walk as I seek clemency through President Donald Trump Administration, so that I may obtain another chance with the time left of my life to make it right. 

God bless you and your decision.




We are asking you to forward Tory's story to as many people as possible. Let's help bring her home.


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