Save the 53 Lansing MI victims of dogfighting

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The hearing to decide the fate for 16 of the 53 dogs will be held tomorrow, 8/25, at 1:30 pm, in Judge DeLuca's court room at 124 West Michigan Ave. Lansing City Hall 6th Floor. 54-A District Court If you are able to attend in support of these innocent victims of dog fighting, please do. We do ask all who attend to remain calm and peaceful. For those that cannot attend, please keep the #Michigan53 in your thoughts and prayers at that time and hope the judge hears our voices. Hope that he does not further victimize the victims and lets them live. Thank you all who have signed and shared the petition to date and to those that will yet sign. Thank you for giving the #Michigan53 your voice and fighting for them.

Save the Lansing Michigan Pit Bulls
3 years ago