Save the St Asaph Cathedral 'in memorium' trees from the chainsaw

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There is an application submitted to Denbighshire County Council, by St Asaph Cathedral, for the removal of nine trees in a conservation area in St Asaph. The trees are situated, adjacent to the A525, just before the crossroads on Upper Denbigh Road, between the cathedral car park and the footpath.

There is a memorial plaque, commemerating the planting of the trees in memory of Edith May Peers, given by her niece in 1975.

The reason for the removal of the trees is given as one single tree is diseased and the rest having increasing maintenance costs, for pruning, as they grow in size, along with competition for light and space. The trees stand on a three metre wide border and limbs from the trees encroach into the road and the car park. However, they do not currently pose a risk to pedestrians, or cars using the car park.

The trees are in a conservation area and as well as being an aesthetically pleasing landmark, upon entering the city, these trees support a variety of wildlife, such as birds and insects.

Due to the essential flood defence works, necessitating the removal of riverside trees, hedgerows and bushes, along the River Elwy, it is important to retain what wildlife habitat we have remaining, in the City of St. Asaph.

The trees were donated to the city, in memorium and their removal would be seen as disrespectful, by many.

Also, a beech hedge, which is proposed as a replacement, would take several years to become established and will also need to be maintained, at cost. It would be tragic if the the healthy trees were removed, purely on the basis of economy.

Please sign and share this petition, to try and save these established trees from destruction.