Buckingham Canal garbage dump OMR - serious offence by Navalur Panchayat -Action needed

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Buckingham Canal garbage dump OMR - serious offence by Navalur Panchayat -Action needed


We would like to bring it to your notice that the Navalur Panchayat (belongs to Kanchipuram district) and the public/private local bodies of Navalur are dumping the garbage along the Buckingham canal backwaters in Navalur over the last 2 years. There are several complaints being raised and the News articles being published in “The Hindu” a couple of times however there was no action taken by the Panchayat board or by the district control body or by the constitution. Please find the related reference articles given below.

Article posted in 2017


Article posted in 2015


The width of the Buckingham canal behind Navalur is around 180 meters. Due to this illegal dumping of garbage by Navalur panchayat and other private and public local bodies the width of Buckingham canal  decreased from 180 meters to 80 meters around this area. Around 15 tons of garbage being disposed into this canal every day.

Please find the list of consequences that could occur in the upcoming years if Govt. allow to dispose garbage into Buckingham Canal in Navalur

1)   A 2014 CAG report revealed that a diversion channel from Buckingham canal could have saved south Chennai from flooding. 2015 Chennai floods research conducted by some of the private agencies notified about Buckingham canal being underutilized due to poor maintenance and illegal occupancy/usage around the canal where some of mishaps could’ve been avoided if we would’ve utilized this canal in full fledge. If we let this garbage dumping in Buckingham canal to continue to happen over the next 2 years then the canal will completely disappear due to garbage fills where it will cause severe flood threat to Chennai as well as in and around OMR residential and IT development areas.
2)  All the plastic wastes being dumped into Buckingham canal water body end up in getting into the Sea which produces severe threat to Sea life creatures and polluting the Sea.
3)  Navalur Air Pollution has gone worse due to bad stench caused through garbage fills and burning of plastics from this garbage disposal area.  There are close to 30,000 houses/apartments in and around this area where Children, Elderly citizens and pregnant women could badly affect them causing lungs infection and other Mosquitos based diseases time to time.
4)  The initiative taken by our Indian Government on “Rally for Rivers” has been completely divested by the activities conducted by Panchayat and other local bodies by dumping garbage into Buckingham canal.
5)   Muttukkadu tourism will be severely impacted due to contaminated water if we allow this garbage to get dumped in Buckingham canal.
6)   Birds seasonal migration reduced to one-third in recent years. OMR backwaters is a brackish water lagoon adjacent to the Bay of Bengal in the East Coast Road. This place is a haven for waders, terns, gulls and other winter migrants. More than 80 species of bird have been recorded so far around this area which is unique and not seen in any other places in India. We could hardly see any of these birds’ varieties because of garbage dump polluting water as well garbage being burnt polluting Air.  

 Please consider this petition as high priority and Direct to ‘End’ this illegal garbage dumping in Buckingham canal behind Navalur area as soon as possible and advise the government Officials to take immediate action on the offenders including the Public and Private local bodies.

Thank you,

Olympia Opaline Owners Association (OOOA)