Please conclude our long-pending Canada PR applications and allow our travel to Canada

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Hon’ble Prime Minister; and

Hon’ble Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship


Subject: Humble request for finalizing Permanent Residence applications of applicants from outside of Canada and permitting them to travel to Canada

Dear Sir,

We, the undersigned, have applied for PR through the Express Entry system and from outside of Canada. We have learned via querying IRCC that our applications have cleared all steps. However, we have been uneasily and anxiously awaiting the conclusion of our applications, i.e., issuance of visas and Confirmation of PR letters, and our travel to Canada for an exceedingly long time. We are writing to humbly plead with you to please conclude our applications and allow us to move to Canada by exempting us from the travel ban.

First, we express our sincerest gratitude towards the Canadian government for providing us with the opportunity to apply for the Permanent Residence of Canada, an immensely beautiful and welcoming country. We wholly realize that the pandemic has made processing and finalizing PR files onerous, and we are profoundly grateful that IRCC continues to work amidst challenging circumstances.  

Please allow us to bring to your kind notice our increasingly serious concerns. We are intensely uncertain, perturbed, and worried about our PR applications and our travel to Canada. We are on tenterhooks waiting for the conclusion of our files and travel to Canada for an inordinately long time—several applicants have been waiting in uncertainty and anxiety for over a year. The growing uncertainty and wait have crippled our abilities to plan our futures—many of us have quit our jobs; many are perplexed about getting their kids admitted into schools; many are struggling with the lack of money as our settlement funds are locked until we enter Canada; all of us are disturbingly clueless about our futures. Regrettably, we have not received any official information regarding when our applications will be concluded. Due to the absence of official clarifications, several mischievous rumour-mongers have been persistently spreading misinformation and disinformation online, which only aggravates our misery and mental stress. 

We sincerely and humbly request that the government conclude our PR applications and permit our travel to Canada. The government may please consider issuing electronic Travel Authorizations/ electronic visas instead of physical stamping on passports. We are fully willing to strictly comply with needful health and safety protocols, including undergoing quarantine/COVID-19 test upon arrival to Canada.

While we understand that the pandemic has affected the working of governments worldwide, we felt extremely constrained to bring to your kind notice our serious concerns. Our anxiousness and worries are growing with passing days. We earnestly plead with you to please address our concerns, and we eagerly look forward to your response.  

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,