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Please RSPCA Free my dogs, let them come home

These are my dogs. They are all adults ranging from 4 to 9 years old. They are my healers, my children, my heart, soul and the air that I breathe. Reactions to neighbors from hell should be ignored. We have been bullied and we are now being deprived to a right to life!

Letter to
Legal Executive RSPCA
Please free the following dogs who's hearts were broken on Valentines Day 14 Feb 2013 thus breaching them of their rights to their home and to their owner Kim E Hayes who regards them as her children. The dogs are Heros and Healers and were nabbed as their mother was threatened, bullied, harassed whilst being in total shock, disbelief and tears.
Return the following exceptional creatures of God as they are HEROS and HEALERS.
Polley Springer Collie Cross aged 9
Pebbles Springer Collie Cross aged 8
Toby Springer Collie Cross aged 7
Budy Springer Collie Cross aged 7
Donny Springer Collie Cross aged 5
Ranger Springer Collie Cross aged 5
Presley Springer Collie Cross aged 4
Alaska Silver Husky aged 4
Yogi Bear Husky aged 3

These dogs are the greatest ever and do no harm to anyone. They have had their home since babies.

They do not deserve to be destroyed nor consistently rehomed. They should stay with the owner who provides them with unconditional love as they do in return. They have healing powers which help sustain coping with turmoil and trauma.

Thank You Kindly

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