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Breaking News - Police Protection Denied

Kim Hayes
weeting, United Kingdom

Mar 4, 2013 — When I was assaulted I requested police to come due to assault and serious injuries that I need protection and to be free of harassment. The police officer in the case has violated my civil rights and acted biasly as he was directly waiting for tip off information from neighbor from hell as to me leaving my home in order for this further intelligence information to be supplied to the RSPCA in order for me to be raided. THere is police officer involvement from an officer who was suppose to protect me and my rights. My injuries were so severe I was off work for 4 weeks. and there are photos. I know this pc name and collar number he refused to give it to me and i have it and i never in my life ever want him to attend a case period he violates civil rights and becomes biased in cases.


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