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Please revise the Mega Man X Legacy Collection to have X1-6 on part.1 and X7-8 on part.2

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Hello Capcom. I heard of your upcoming release of the Mega Man X Legacy collection in two volumes, and I would like to suggest that you release the first six games in volume one, and X7 and X8 on volume two, instead of releasing four games on each volume, even if it means delaying the release of the game to around Q4 2018.

The main reason why is because of technical/data issues that would prevent the Legacy Collection's new feature of fighting two bosses from X1-6 from being applied as expected by those who are looking forward to the collection's release. I would suggest that you reserve that feature for X Legacy Collection volume 2, to compensate for the absence of X5 and X6 on volume two, assuming you don't agree to this decision. This way, players won't have to worry about having to load data from either volume to use this feature in full on the other. This, of course, won't affect the original games in any way, or require you to move the "Day of Sigma" OVA to X Legacy Collection volume two. Or, alternately, you may release X1-3 on volume 1, and X4-8 on volume 2. I hope you understand where I'm coming from, and how well founded my reasons are.

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