Mr. Oz. and Mr. Volkan (IT) Please Remove the Restrictions on Chromebooks while not at School

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Please Remove the Restrictions on Chromebooks while not at School

          By blocking certain websites such as social media, gaming websites, you will let the students be able to cool down, relax and release stress after school or over the weekend. Most of the students believe that the only way of expressing themselves is by going on these blocked websites. Going on these websites and doing anything related to release stress allows many people to calm down and relax. By not having websites (Gaming, Chats, etc) blocked and having no other way to access it, this person went down significantly in sleep by not being able to calm down and relax enough. Gaming websites is also a very important aspect as many people need to go on these in order to calm down after a stressful day. Without these ways to handle stress, many students are performing Badly in school-work then they have before.
Most of us are upset and frustrated that the Chromebook have such restrictions. At the beginning of the year (Almost) every website was accessible, allowing many students to explore the internet and find what interests them. Many people have gotten into the habit of going on these websites to chat and meet with other people (they know) to allow themselves to Cool down and relax. This changed when one day we found that these websites were being blocked not only at school but at our home as well. Many of us were upset as this completely threw off our habit of the night. Some people don’t own any other electronics, causing them to become completely blocked off from expressing themselves. It removes some interaction with our peers and others.
We would like to formally request that you remove all restrictions on the internet other than at school. We do hope and suggest you continue to block and restrict pornography and other bad mind-boggling websites as this is your job, however, we do not think you should restrict anything else. This will allow many students to relieve their stress and express themselves in many ways. This issue is very important to all of us, as many of us have not been able to function as well since this has happened. We formally ask you to remove the restrictions that you have set on our Chromebooks and have it only in effect at the school. Thank you for your time Mr. Oz and Mr. Volkan and to anyone who spent their time reading our Petition.



The Student's And Parent's of Horizon Science Academy

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