Please relocate theTalent Irrigation District headquarters

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The urban renewal council of Talent has embarked on an ambitious project. With the town's available land they will create an economic engine in the form of the "maker city", the food truck court with indoor lounge and rooftop bar, housing, and the completion of the gateway to Talent center.

Although TID has been vital to our community, the physical headquarters being located adjacent to this new development will be interruptive and very awkward. We understand that TID has additional land not located in the center of town that would be ideal for it's relocation. At the very least we would like to negotiate between TID and the city of Talent to continue with an effort made by TID to respect the wishes of the community it serves. Furthermore the Talentonian's we respectfully request that TID accept the offer of $ 1.5M, twice the appraised value of the land, and relocate their facilities thus allowing for the expansion of our town's vision for development. 

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