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PLEASE RECORD Don Juan in Soho starring David Tennant and Adrian Scarborough!

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Dear creators of the production! PLEASE, make a record of the play Don Juan in Soho starring David Tennant and Adrian Scarborough. It will have a massive audience not only in Britain but all over the world.

We are appealing here to the people who have created the production of Don Juan in Soho – Patrick Marber, David Tennant, Adrian Scarborough, to all members of the theatre company as well as to the producers of the play: Playful Productions (www.playfuluk.com and Sonia Friedman Productions (www.soniafriedman.com @SFP_London)

The play Don Juan in Soho is incredibly popular among the audience, almost all spectators’ comments call it brilliant, and the most of the theatre critics’ reviews are superb (you can find them below). Some other productions with far worse critics’ and audience’s reviews are being shown in cinemas all over the world. It's not fair!

The David Tennant community on facebook alone has almost 2,5 million followerswww.david-tennant.com. But the real audience interested in the production is much wider – all plays starring David Tennant get millions of views in the Digital Theatre, at RSC screenings and on DVDs bought all over the world.

Patrick Marber, David Tennant, Adrian Scarborough and all members of the troupe have created a wonderful, funny and tragic, really saucy and absolutely amazing production. Don’t let it be lost! 

Please sign this petition if you want us all to have a record of the play!

Don’t forget to SHARE IT, if you really want to see this production! 

Press reviews:

  • The Independent ★★★★★
  • Theatre Desk ★★★★★
  • The Observer ★★★★★
  • The Guardian ★★★★
  • Radio Times ★★★★
  • The Times ★★★★
  • What's On Stage ★★★★
  • Financial Times ★★★★
  • The Evening Standard ★★★
  • Time Out ★★★
  • Daily Mail ★★★
  • Metro ★★★


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