School Shootings NEED TO END

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One Nation Under God Indivisible. We are ALL affected by this and although we cannot change the perpetrators minds, I personally believe WE may be able to better protect OUR SCHOOLS, OUR CHILDREN. Let's stand together and put an end to this. NOW.. 

Sadly, since 2013 there have been nearly 300 school shootings in our country - an average of about 1 a week. Let's change this to NEVER AGAIN.

As I turn on my television again today this scumbags actions are still being televised. I am so tired of the news stations redundancy. Why do we need a continual reminder? Why so much attention for the criminals? Then as usual you'll hear nothing more about it until as much as I hate to say this it happens again. Then like a vicious cycle it repeats itself. Enough is enough already. I'm tired of seeing this same story as it destroys any sense of comfort in knowing our children are safe at school. This is disgusting and it's no longer acceptable. We the people of the United States of America have to fix this. This is NOT a congressional issue. It's not the gun manufacturers issue. It has NOTHING at all to do with GUN SAFETY, or where you lock them up. IT HAS TO DO WITH SCHOOL SAFETY and THATS IT. This is America and If someone wants to get a gun, they will, we can't control that. What we can and need to control is them bringing them into our schools. 

Ever notice this happening at State Offices, Federal buildings, Courthouses or Airports just to name a few? No.. Why is that? Those places have protection, preventing this from happening. We need to "protect and prevent " this from happening again in our schools. Why haven't Metal Detection Devices been installed by NOW at the entrances of our schools? Our airports and courthouses are considered more important than our own children? Every single school nationwide should have at the very least 1. I personally believe that adding a metal detection system along with a Police officer or an armed Security Guard during the times of mass movement would at the least act as a deterrent for ANY PERSON considering this. Anyone can become mentally incompetent It only takes 1 bad day sometimes for someone to snap. We have to make this end.

I looked online and found that for around $18.00 an hour (in CT) you can hire a Security Guard. I'm sure the Police Municipalities can create an actual post at the schools to add an actual full-time Police Officer. I found that for less than $2000.00 Garrett can install a metal detector which includes the hand held wand. We all know times are tough and the schools budgets probably dont have that extra money but I'm sure each and every family at the individual schools would contribute to getting this accomplished.  

Regardless of the individuals involved in a shooting or the circumstances that gave rise to it, gunfire in schools undermines the sense of security that all students should have in their learning environments. No child should be subjected to the possibility of this happening while at school learning. These shootings have long-term impacts on the school community as a whole. 

Thank you for your support. 

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