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Please Re-instate YouTube Channel Bilal Tube

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On 7th March 2017, Our YouTube channel, Bilal Tube was terminated without warning.We Are creating this petition in a bid to encourage YouTube to reinstate Our account.

we worked for five years on our YouTube account. In this time, we managed to gather over 98,000 Subscribers. Each day, people headed to our videos in droves, learning and taking the lesson from our Islamic videos in Ethiopian Language and barely a day went by where we did not receive a message from a fan telling us that they loved our works. This was perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of uploading videos to YouTube. We liked the passion of our viewers. We loved the community. We loved everything about the website.

In those Five years, we produced over 4000 videos. Each video took many hours of editing to make sure that they were as perfect as possible. It was common to find us slaving over a computer, even during the early hours, to produce something that we know our fans would have loved. we were dedicated to everybody that watched our channel, and we would never pump out something that we were not happy with. we genuinely believe that our content was some of the best to be found on  YouTube especially For Ethiopian Muslim Around the world.

we currently do not have access to any of the 4000 videos that we uploaded to YouTube. As we were never expecting our account to be snatched away from us, as we were a person who would always follow the YouTube Community Guidelines down to a tee, we never kept a backup of them. we always took for granted that our videos would remain there for people to see for many, many years to come. There was nothing that would lead us to believe otherwise.

If you care about our plight, or you were a fan of the videos we produced (We know that there are thousands upon thousands of you), then we do urge you to sign this petition. Whether it has an impact on whether YouTube reinstates our account or not, we do not know. However, the whole of the Bilal Tube YouTube channel represents our work. It represents the passion that we delivering the best content possible. we have to try. we need to get those videos back and we need to start to Benefit and get a lesson to our subscribers again, many of whom I know are missing me drastically Bilal Tube.

Best, Bilal Tube

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