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PLEASE Protect the Rights of Our Urban Wildlife and Stop Animal Cruelty Against Them!!!

Hello, It has recently come to my attention that there is a "pest control" company in New Jersey that has been encouraging citizens to condemn "nuisance" wildlife to death via horribly cruel and violent means. He has a "do-it-yourself" section on his webpage, where he tells people to "euthanize" baby squirrels by SQUEEZING THEM TO DEATH - and how to trap adults and DROWN them - these are only a few examples of the atrocities that this man is promoting. He even has a section of his site that gives people the opportunity to SHARE stories about the terrible acts of violence they've committed against these wild animals. This blatantly violates the AVMA's guidelines on Euthanasia, and is incredibly cruel. I am a member of "The Squirrel Board" - a place where rehabbers and squirrel enthusiasts from around the world can come and share their knowledge and help others. Apparently several of the members have been trying for a year or two to bring this man's sickening violence against wildlife to the attention of the groups who are SUPPOSED to take care of things like this (ie fish and game, ASPCA, HSUS, PETA, etc) and have gotten little or no response. PLEASE HELP to right this wrong and start a petition to spread awareness and stop this man's gruesome crusade against wildlife! 


A Humble Wildlife Advocate

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