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Some 72 (yes, SEVENTY TWO!) DOLPHINS remain TRAPPED in a CIRCUS life in Indonesia, and exposed to the risk of skin burns and blindness in their heavily chlorinated shallow plastic pools.

"Indonesia is home to the world’s last remaining traveling dolphin circuses. The intelligent sea mammals are trained to jump through rings of fire, are hauled from town to town under poor conditions and the high levels of chlorine in their shallow plastic pools can cause blindness and burn their skin. Many die due to stress, chlorine toxicity and lack of proper care."

"In June 2011, the government announced it would release three of the 72 captive dolphins directly back into the ocean. According to den Haas, without assisted rehabilitation, the dolphins would die. To this date, none have been released."

These creatures do not belong in captivity, let alone trapped in a shallow plastic pools in tropical Indonesia.

HELP to support the rehabilitation and release of these dolphins by signing this letter to Minister ZULKIFLI HASAN (Mr.), and request that dolphin tourism be elevated over captivity.


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Letter to
Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. MR. ZULKIFLI HASAN 
PLEASE REHABILITATE & RELEASE the INDONESIAN CIRCUS dolphins, and move toward dolphin tourism over captivity!

In 2011 the Indonesian government assured concerned persons, and NGO representatives, that three of the seventy-two dolphins held captive would be released. To date, NONE have.

You claimed to know nothing about the DOLPHIN CIRCUSES, yet they have received extraordinary attention in the last years, and remain the ONLY dolphin circuses in Indonesia.

Surely, with all the press and petitions you do indeed know about them by now.

Were/are ANY of the dolphins sourced or purchased as a result of the Japanese coastal dolphin hunts?

IF so..

Indonesia has a long standing economic relationship with Japan and has received international attention due to your own residential dolphins, deaths and trade.

How can you not know about these 72 dolphins, regardless of where they are harvested or purchased from?

Indonesia is in a position of STRENGTH to create positive change for these captive dolphins and help to halt the international 'dolphin trade' with Japan, and other nations.

Although "Japan's financial assistance to Indonesia reached 113.9 billion yen (some 1.3 billion U.S. dollars)" in 2009, you are also "an important source of commodity and raw materials to sustain Japan's development".

"No other countries could immediately replace Indonesia as a supplier of raw materials for Japan."

MR. ZULKIFLI HASAN, regardless of where the dolphins have been sourced, you are in a position to show strength and BE A LEADER of positive change.

This small step, of ensuring the health and well being of these 72 dolphins will show GREAT leadership both locally and internationally.

PLEASE will you see them properly cared for, released into the oceans (if appropriately advised of success) and ensure us that no dolphin circus will ever again be allowed in Indonesia?

PLEASE will you ensure the health and well being of these dolphins BEFORE any release (CREATE A RELEASE PROGRAM - ASAP)?

PLEASE will you assure the world that you will NOT support the dolphin trade, that allows for the brutal killing of those captured deemed "not pretty" enough for captivity?

PLEASE, will you LEAD YOUR people and GOVERNMENT into this modern age, where most deem the captivity of dolphins unnecessary, TOTALLY inappropriate and NOT educational?

I, the undersigned, encourage you to:

- IMMEDIATELY CREATE AN ASSISTED RELEASE PROGRAM and RELEASE those Dolphins able to be released by end of 2013;

- Develop and encourage sustainable dolphin tourism over captivity; enabling the development of alternative income sources for those involved; and

- SUPPORT this POSITIVE CHANGE for Indonesia.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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