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We, citizens of Russia, consider it’s our duty to reveal flagrant violation of our civil rights, which in our opinion have been ensured by the ruling clan in Russia, and hereby call all people of good will worldwide to support our attempts to ensure civil justice and civil society.

Multiple facts prove anti-popular nature of acting power in our country.

Deprivation of citizenship has been recently legalized: according to new law, ALL Russians are announced not to be citizens of country. They are now supposed to submit request for citizenship, but it’s a question whether it will be granted. In reality, independent-minded people could not get citizenship at all and would be subject to deportation. How many are there of them? 71 million fingerprint cards of Russian people have been collected by police. Is Europe going to face another wave of immigrants, this time from Russia?

Conditions for interethnic hostility and strife has been also created in Russia. Russian Police force & Guard were obviously instructed in expectation of peoples unrest: guardians have official right to shoot to women, old people, children after all. We have to conclude: servicemen of the RF do not fulfill their duty to protect their people, but fight abroad against them, against real will of common people.

The majority of Russian people (approximately 98%) are deprived of real possibility to nominate and elect their representatives on elections of all levels.

Another paradoxical situation has been developed in Russia: certain public officers supposed to protect the law and human rights, violate laws outrageously, trample the rights of law-abiding individuals and fabricate false accusations. Those fabrications have become a regular practice for majority of law enforcers, their methods being sharpen and similar all over the country. You may go out to a grocery store and get imprisoned just because the police want somebody to hold accusation for a crime. Even the Procurator General of Russia acknowledged that 14,000 of innocent persons have been languished in prisons; in reality their amount is obviously much larger.

So, the State itself outrageously violates essential human rights and legislation and indoctrinates that it has the right to do that. No wonder, that political atmosphere in Russia was heat and brought to the edge. No wonder, that the most conscious and conscientious social activists, protecting human rights and common sense, are severely persecuted in Russia today. The best citizens of Russia were assassinated: Listiev, Evloev, Litvinenko, Politkovskaya, Starovoitova. According to Russian legislation, any critics of acting power are defined as extremism and severely persecuted. Therefore alive activists are unjustly called criminals and extremists and are imprisoned: Kvachkov, Kungurov, Mukhin, Barabash, Parphenov, Sokolov, Gerasimova. Russian politician Svetlana Lada-Rus was arrested in absentia. All Russia knows and respects these courageous people and consider accusations against them as below critics. The obviously illegal persecution is a straight way to get rid of real opposition and competitors, to get rid of people who can make the change in coming presidential elections.

The regime in Russia fights any civil activity by fabricated criminal cases, by accusing real oppositionists with what they have no relation to. Incontestable evidences prove: overwhelming amount of accusations have been fabricated by officers of law enforcement bodies, named “rogue cops” by people. Their favorite practice is to implant snitches and provocateurs all over. Their task is to ruin civil organizations from within, and then to slander those who seem dangerous for the regime. Same with Stalin’s times, snitches’ false reports become basic and the only “evidence” of “guilt” of honest, the best members of society.

Oppositional party the VOLYA (WILL) was instantly eliminated according to this common fraud scheme. It was declared extremist by 3 Courts of the First instance when the Party was not even informed about hearings and so, had no chance to protect itself. Thus, a core right - to have possibility to protection - was completely ignored by all Russian Courts – state agencies (dependent, as a matter of fact). The same judgement was instantly pronounced by the Supreme Court, despite all incontestable proofs of innocence brought by Party lawyers. Ministry of Justice in a moment ordered to Russian Tax agency to exclude the Party from the list of legal organizations. This order was illegal and turned out into dramatic point: Courts got excuse not to even hear cases of the Party since it does not exist juridically. So the people party, this self-organization of social activists, was deprived of possibility to protect itself and then eliminated in forcible and illegal way.

Then dependent social media were used to legitimize accusation in the public perception: social activists were depicted as criminals harmful to community. At the same time those social activists have no chance to contest the lies and to explain their position: they are strictly outcast from media.

Our aim is:

1. to establish a public controlling unit consisting of Russian people; this unit is to control all law-enforcers and to revise all fabricated criminal cases.

2. to stop persecution of all honest people within Russia, those who are under false accusations by “rogue cops” using false testimonies and expert reviews from their position of strength and power.

3. to stop deriding our essential vital rights as Russian citizens, which is very much crime against humanity itself.

We call international community worldwide to demand Russian powers
1. to stop persecution of honest national leaders and activists who are now under false accusations. Those leaders will not allow deportation of half of Russian population and any other invasion of refugees in Europe.
2. to revise definition of “extremism” in Russian legislation system and bring it to international standards.
3. to revise the new Federal about citizenship and consider all citizens of Russia to be citizens of Russia.

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