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Please Pass Universal Health Care "Medicare For All"

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As healthcare is being debated it is critical to finally "Fix" the issue of affordability and access in the U.S. and adopt universal health care.

Universal health care would free the U.S. economy in ways that would stimulate economic growth, allow new business start up's and free existing companies from the costly and time-consuming task of providing insurance to their employees. 

Universal healthcare would make starting a business a possibility for entrepreneurs with pre-existing health conditions rather than tie them to dead end jobs which stifle competition and creativity.  

Universal healthcare would remove the burden of high premiums, co-pays, and remove the threat of bankruptcy due to unpaid medical debt .

Universal Healthcare would allow everyone in the U.S. to choose the best hospital for the care they need ending narrow networks and it would truly allow us to keep our doctors. 

Universal healthcare would allow families to save for college for their children, a home for their families or even a vacation rather than use every available penny for costly premiums and co-pays.

Our country is at a critical juncture. Healthcare in the U.S leaves many uninsured, all burdened with unaffordable expenses and are statistics prove our approaches have not worked. Poor health outcome for largest expenditure.

Costs associated with expanding universal healthcare "medicare for all" can be funded in several ways but two are the most promising.  A VAT tax as implemented in the European countries which place small taxes on every purchase at every level remitted back the federal government.  A new Internet sales tax for all businesses with a flat rate remitted to the federal government to be used specifically for the expansion of health care which will benefit all the states.

Please do not institute block grants of Medicaid which will leave many uninsured. Please do not fund high-risk pools for those with pre-existing conditions as they have been done before and are limited and unaffordable to the vulnerable.  Please do not allow insurance companies to dictate narrow networks, co-pays, and costs that are bankrupting Americans. Please do not allow the American people to continue to suffer these injustices under your presidency.  

America is the only industrialized country to not offer universal health coverage to its citizens yet the U.S. spends the most per person on healthcare with Poorer health outcomes.

Please take a bold new path to put families on the road to financial security, bolster the economy with money freed from co-pays and premiums and embolden and free entrepreneurs to dream again. 

Be brave, Be bold and take a new path for American prosperity and health.








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