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Please Officially Recognize All Motor Sport Variants As Proper Sports.

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What am I requesting?

My sincere request to Sports Minister of India is to provide an official recognition to Motor Sport just like any other sport (Cricket, Tennis, Kabaddi, Hockey etc) and treat achievers in Motor Sport the way they truly deserve.

Why am I requesting this?

Motor Sport is becoming highly popular in India with ever increasing viewers for TV channels covering racing events.

Today there are many Indian Car Drivers and Motorcycle Riders who are overcoming great odds and making a mark on international scene also.

What is the current situation?

Sadly, both the government and majority of public has a very negative view about this sport. Especially government doesn't provide proper recognition to this sport and tends to treat it as a form of entertainment - more like movies!

It is heavily taxed, there is no government support or sponsorship, there are no standardized ways to educate people regarding motorsports.

As a result of this apathy, despite having a world class racing track in the form of Buddha International Circuit (BIC) we have lost prestigious F-1 racing event to other countries.

Who is suffering due to current situation?

This is really restricting Indian people from having any success even though a very large number of aspiring participants exist in this sport across many categories. Without government patronage amd recognition, Indians are losing out to people from even other developing countries like Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia etc (forget competing with Italians, Germans, Spanish, British or Americans!)

There are many categories in Motor Sport but I will list the most important ones below that have high popularity in India.

Road Racing (Happens on race tracks)

Rallying (Happens on designated real world routes but under controlled conditions)

Motocross/Autocross (Can be both indoor/outdoor event)

Stunting (Happens in closed environment)

Go-karting and Kart Track Bike Racing (Happens on short Go-karting tracks)

Off-road events (Outdoor events that happen where there is very rough road or no roads and conditions are extremely tough for driving/riding with any combination of rain/snow/mud/sand/potholes/large incline-declines/Gravel and so on)

Proposed Solution:

Government should encourage and recognize both men and women belonging to this kind of sport like any other. Please make it easy for corporates to invest in Motorsport and please encourage building of new race tracks/other sporting facilities like institutes etc all across the country.

Even though motor sport involves a powered vehicle, the player (driver or rider) needs excellent physical fitness, super sharp reflexes and thinking ability as well as very strong mind to even participate and much greater to have any success. It is not mere entertainment but is a proper sport which is not for the weak hearted people.

If government supports this, we may very well see equivalent of Valentino Rossi, Tommy Makkinen, Michael Schumacher emerging from India in future!


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