Please Make Ethical Vaccines

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The God's Cottage Committee has decided to launch an internet appeal to the Pharma Companies on Sunday 28th February, entitled "Please Make Ethical Vaccines".        

Petition Letter

Dear Mr Soriot

I compliment AstraZeneca on producing a Covid-19 vaccine in such a timely manner. However, many have said that they cannot take this vaccine for the
simple reason that it uses cell lines derived from one or more aborted foetuses.  To them it is utterly unacceptable to allow into their bodies a vaccine derived from the killing of an unborn baby.

Many others, like myself, will receive this vaccine with the greatest reluctance and with deep unhappiness.   We are tolerating receiving it this time for the good of society and for the urgent needs of our own health.  But while receiving it this time, we are utterly committed to working for the end of this barbaric practice.

I will be doing what is in my power to campaign for the development of vaccines that do not use cell lines derived from aborted babies at any stage in their design, their development, their testing or their production.

AstraZeneca is in a unique position to exercise a positive impact on the development of ethically produced vaccines by developing cell lines with no connection to aborted fetuses - and in the process to gain the goodwill of all in the pro-life movement.

While not trying to halt the development of vaccines, I am calling on AstraZeneca to stop using cell lines that have been derived from aborted babies.

Yours Sincerely