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Homework, Ableist?

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It has come to my attention that a lot of homework is ableist and unnecessary. Isn't the point of the classroom to learn the material? Shouldn't students be able to grow their personal lives instead of being weighed down by the nightly task of a boatload of trivia they will soon forget just so that they can maintain a good looking GPA? Shouldn't students with Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, or Autism Spectrum disorder be ensured "Equal opportunity... in... state and local government services..." specifically school? Because from what I've seen that's not the case.

Childhood Depression and Anxiety diagnoses are on the rise, and so is homework. The majority of depression and anxiety disorders are caused by stress, and in children the majority of stress comes from school. For people with busy lives or attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, or its subdisorder attention deficit disorder, it's difficult for them to complete the daily task of homework. I can tell you firsthand as an individual with late diagnosis ADHD, I thought there was something wrong with me when I was lost in the ocean of homework I was assigned. I became socially anxious, fearful to face the teachers and say: "No, I didn't do that assignment." I know there are people with similar or different situations to me who for some reason or another fail to do their homework, and despite many of them having a great potential, they become depressed, anxious.

It crushes the artist when instead of drawing they're writing about some king they don't care about for their history project. It crushes the filmmaker when they can't make their vision because the people they need are buried some part of Shakespeare, Trigonometry, Nuclear Reactions or The Civil War. Stress and homework crush creativity. I've felt it firsthand, and so have many of my friends, and almost all of it comes back to homework.

We want our children to grow as people but we can't when we spend hours a night doing things we don't care about just to keep up our GPA. I don't want to ban homework, just limit it. Keep teaching to the classroom, but if it's a project, or there's time to do it in class, or it's late, having it be worked on at home is justified, and people of all learning or thinking styles, divergent or regular, have a chance to succeed.

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