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please let the poor people to be alive

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hi sir my name is Judy park. i`m sixteen. i`m from south korea and i am living in tasmania. i was going through the today's newses and i found out the letter to you which was from a reporter in korea. i dont know much about how the politics work and what exactly happens. and i even dont know how my motherland korea exactly looks like right now. because i`m not living there right now. but i am desperate. their lives are now on your hand.
i am proud of my motherland south Korea. but we cant send them back to the place where they escped from and let them get killed. i belive that you have your partner, kids, friends, relatives, and parents. a lot of the north kor eans who is staying at china away from north korea have their family in south korea. do you know how it feels like when you lose your family? i do. you go numb because you are that sad and painful. i am pretty sure how that would feel like. i wanted to die instead of them and suffer instea d of them. how about the people's family who had to go back to north korea and get killed? i belive that they can keep on leaving and breathe fine. but i dont think that their mind will last any longer. they will end up with feeling guitiness, resentment, longing. would you be able to keep on living if that happens to you? i can't.
i know that i am being rude and inapropriate and also what i am doing is unacceptable. and i dont like my self these days. and this letter that i am writng now can be thought as extemporaneous. and i am not good at any single thing and i am not deligent to make this sound more ringing. but if you look at this case more in a warm way, south koreans and north koreans are sibilings. i am sure that you are thatt generous to understand that feeling. and you wouldn't let them die. you are also a sibiling of people in this global villiage. please please dont send them back. if you sand them back i will be hating china. and most of it, its your fault. i will hate you and i will be blaming you. i love you as a life. if you sen them back, the people who will be killing them are the north korean army. but the person who let them die would be you. everyone is trusting you. so am i. please dont send them back to north korea.

if i was so rude, please forgive me

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