Please legalize the fight that no one can stop....since this is the nature of the animal.

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I have 25 years in the world of roosters fights body force them to kill each other this are animals that are born to fight and kill for territory they are not dogs they would kill their brothers since babys if you don't separate them. Please make this legal with a license to pay monthly so it would help economy rise twice and can helps on having more jobs whit the government, and we can have and enjoy what they do for nature, enforcing regulated laws like in Puerto Rico and other countries where is legal . We don't use knifes for them we go more natural and efective, using shorty plastics, counting 12 minutes like a boxer fights for 12 rounds and giving the chance of opportunity to live if the animal wont fight we rise them like our baby's but ass soon they fight they cant be free no more because they want to kill the other roosters for territory . we give them all to have them healthy and beautiful like the picture above all we do is get them to meet each other so they can do what they would do if they were free on the farm, land ,arena, something that none one can stop but can be controled by us, this is what they know and do for nature which is fighting if you look at Puerto Rico laws about roosters you will find out that this is not as bad as people that does not know anything about this sport think, believing that we teach this animals to fight and kill but they are wrong. Please I need my roosters I would like to represent my farm to the whole world....and my lines, breeds...this helps economy, it can help by keeping our child out of the street or watching humans hurting each other like in mma or worst teaching them to hunt others animals wich everyone think is a good thing to do ..this is in manys peoples veins......if I can just show you the whole process of raise training,and fight of this animals by the right way and I mean by the book you would be more convenced of what I'm talking about but how can people that don't know anything about this culture sport and nature chose the status, of something they cant stop which is the nature of this animals, and will not never stop plus it can be extinct and we are the only ones breeding them. keeping this animals a life because we love them. if u agree whit me sing this petition lets let tem know that we are here and we want to make this the right way , thank you .

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