Saving the Border Collies

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The RSPCA SA want to euthanise these 10 Border Collie mothers and hold onto their puppies. We at WISH Animal Rescue TEAM have offered to bring into foster care and rehabilitate these mothers, so that they have the chance to have a perfect life, as well as their pups.

❤ PETITION UPDATE 28/7/19 4 months later
The final update on the SABC.
There has been no updates or pictures on the remaining 6 plus BC in the facility. We do not hold any hope that they are still alive and sadly, we believe they may of met the same fate as the 4 euthanised in March 2019. We, along with other rescues have saved over 100 SABC from this Puppy Mill, and most have gone off and found wonderful new homes. We know, the selling and breeding of these BC’s along with a variety of breeds has not ceased throughout this ordeal. And all animals in these horrid places, need to be seized from these facilities and rehomed via rescues. Euthanasia is not the answer - rescue is.
❤ Please keep signing, sharing and supporting, and lets put a STOP to Puppy Mills and the euthanising of these animals, if and when seized by the RSPCA.