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Please hold a noticed Public Hearing to reconsider the Planning Commission’s March 20th 3-2 decision allowing artificial turf playing fields

We respectfully request that the Town Council hold a noticed Public Hearing to review and reconsider the Planning Commission’s March 20th 3-2 decision to permit the construction of an artificial turf playing field and track at the Woodside Priory along the Portola Road Scenic Corridor.  The Town’s Planning Commission and the Architectural & Site Control Commission made opposing recommendations concerning this project.  It is appropriate that a controversial proposal, which represents a fundamental shift away from Portola Valley’s founding principles of natural preservation, development in concert with nature and safeguarding scenic viewsheds, should be decided by our elected representatives. 

We urge the Town Council to preserve the natural grass of playing fields and recreational areas in Portola Valley.  Synthetic turf and plastic grass are inconsistent with the Town’s principles of rural living, preservation of natural habitats, and not contributing to global warming.   

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