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PLEASE HELP US TO MAKE THIS RIGHT!!! Mikes Walk: IN HIS HONOR!! Build a Walkway or Path from Montage Pavilion to PNC Field In "Michael D. Sanders" Memory



To give his 3 little daughters a memorial to their father that was taken from them.

Where is Michaels Name?  Why did the commissioners decide to put their own name on the trail?  Did they not see our petition?  Did they do anything to sacrifice their life to get their names put on it?   And why did it take so long for them to make this treacherous road a little safer for pedestrians until Michael's life was taken?   They blatenly ignored the family's pleas.   A mans life was tragically taken and nothing is being done about it.  

Why is it so difficult to give this family some peace?  Even the legal system is not on our side.  We have no rights to find out what really happened that night and they do not return our calls.  Guess what.  His killer lives and Michael wants his life back!  

What if it were your child? Would you ignore that too?

Original Petition given to all State representatives:

Mike Sanders, 32 was killed on the night of August 25th walking from the Toyota Pavilion back to his truck parked at PNC Field.  There was no available shuttles, so he walked along the shoulder of the dark road on Montage Mountain back to his truck during a Jason Aldean Concert.  He was struck by a drunk driver, and killed.  He was a loving son, brother, husband and father to 3 young girls, Michelle, 8, Alyssa, 5 and Skye Sanders, who recently turned 1, she will never know her daddy.  It's been a tragedy that touched so many lives.

We would like to prevent this from happening again by building walkway or path for pedestrians to walk down the mountain safetly.  It would be a wonderful tribute in his memory to call it the "Michael D. Sanders Memorial Walkway" in his memory.    

Also, to have DUI checkpoints for those who are allowed to purchase alcohol at these types of venues and yet are allowed to drive after all day tailgates.  We are not in any way trying to stop concert goers from having a good time! Michael wouldn't want that!  Just asking for better ways to prevent another tragedy from happening.

The actual trek from the pavillion to PNC field is 2.1 miles.  Cutting through the woods would cut down this length drastically. 

Please help us take a stand and save lives during these venues!!  This can happen to one of your beloved family members!  If we can help prevent the loss of ONE life, this petition will have served its purpose. 

Petitioner:  Scott V. Mecca

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    Patrick M. O’Malley

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