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Please Help Us Reopen Our Beloved Game <3

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Today, the members of the online game Digimon Battle Online were all shocked to hear that our beloved game is soon to be no more. We all knew that Wemade had practically abandoned us, after all, there hadn't been any updates, rental events, or new Digimon in over a year. We didn't mind too much, however. We had our game, each other, and our Digimon, and we were content for the most part. Today came as a total shock, though, as our worst fear became a reality; the inevitable closing of Digimon Battle Online. We have put tons of time, care, and money into this game, and seeing it close is something we never thought we would have to experience. Many players still remember the first Digimon they caught, and although they may just be pixels on a screen, we can't help feeling attached to them. We put time and care into raising our Digimon to become unstoppable fighting machines, and in the process we have come to view them not only as pixels, but as partners. Just looking at the chat on the website, I have seen many people extremely upset, feeling like they are losing a family member or close friend, and many people that are close to tears. 
Although I myself became a member of the DBO community rather recently, I was immediately accepted by the existing members of the community, even though they were relatively tight-knit themselves. This is something I have never seen before through the multiple MMORPG's I have been through, and it made me feel instantly at home. This is one of the few games I have really enjoyed, and I have tried almost every popular game on the internet. 
We understand that keeping up a slowing-down game may be hard, but we beg you to at least keep one server open just for all of us to keep the experience alive. We don't want anymore updates, we don't want new features, we just want our game to stay alive. We want our bonds to last, as well as our friendships to continue. And most of all, we don't want our beloved Digimon to become nothing more than digital dust. We urge you to try to figure out some form of compromise with us, and to let us to continue to live our childhood dreams of becoming true Digimon Tamers. 
Thank you for your time. 
-Digimon Battle Online Community.


EDIT: I am now inquiring about buying DBO from WeMade! I have plans to make the game fantastic! Please let WeMade know it's time to hand over the game to someone who really cares about it!

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