Let schools re-submit Centre Assessed Grades to reflect their true abilities.

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Following the government announcement on 17 August regarding the use of Centre Assessed Grades (CAG), we want to be able to resubmit our CAGs to reflect the true abilities of our year 11 cohort.  Back in April 2020 we were told to rank our students from top downwards and then award grades in line with the previous two years.  Unfortunately for our school those years had not been as good as we had hoped.  However, with key staff and system changes, we were on an improving journey and this current group of Year 11 students had been working hard, engaging and were highly motivated.  They wanted to do well, their teachers wanted them to do well and they were on their way to doing well.  However we followed the government guidelines and submitted grades for these young people which did not reflect that improvement or their abilities.  Now we want to be able to resubmit the CAGs so that they reflect their ability of the students.