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Removal of the buses and correction of air quality at Northport Middle School

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For decades the the Northport East Northport School District has housed the buses at Northport Middle School.  The bus depot needs be moved to a new location.  Children are becoming sick from Carbon Monoxide.  They are testing with elevated Carbon Monoxide levels in their blood after complaints for headaches, nausea and light headedness. The buses pull in and out of the school yard multiple times a day parking their exhaust right up against classroom, where children complain that the smell is so overbearing they can not concentrate during class.  The fumes from the buses and the diesel fuel used on site contain a chemical called Benzene which is known for causing long term health problem like leukemia.  Please help us show the school district and the Board of Education that this is unacceptable.  Suggestions have been made as to where these 12-15 buses can be moved.    Help us urge our district to take the first step.

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