Help Asher Samson return to the UK for safety.

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Asher's case has been covered by Heart Christian Newspaper this week at the same time as Jeremy Hunt MP has begun and inquiry into persecuted Christians.


As you know Asher was deported back to Pakistan on the 9th January 2019. He was sent on an un-chartered flight and then left at the airport. He is now in hiding fearful for his life. His car has been attacked by stones and he is unable to go out and get basic items like food and medicine.

Jeremy Hunt MP @Jeremy_Hunt supported this week and said: "noone should face persecution for their faith, wherever they are and that includes Christians." Pakistan is #5 on the #worldwatchlist where Christians face the most extreme persecution. This is where Asher is living, in persecution because of his faith.

Please listen to my interview on Premier Christian Radio. (19:00 minutes in)

Asher is needing your help raising funds to fight his case in the legal system so he can return to the UK. He also needs some living expenses whilst he is in Pakistan. If you can contribute towards his solicitor and barrister expenses he would be really grateful.

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Please do not send via as he will not receive the money, that is for their business expenses

Thank you.


4/1/19 Update

Asher went to sign in this morning (Friday 4th Jan 2019) and has been detained again. He doesn't know where he will be sent to. Please can we get this out to the media asap.


Asher has been released from the detention centre and is now home on bail.

This is not the end though, Asher is still fighting to stay in the UK and stills needs your help in sharing and signing this petition. 

His case is getting noticed and every signature helps. Thank you to all of you who have signed and shared so far, please help us keep up the pressure. Thank you.


Today, 14th December, we can inform you that Asher has NOT been deported, but his case is still ongoing. This is not the end, Asher is still in the detention centre and looks likely to be spending Christmas there, away from home and family.

Please keep signing and sharing, we are making some headway and Asher's case has been picked up by a national newspaper. We need to keep the pressure up! Thank you.

Asher Samson is a Christian born and brought up in a Christian household in Pakistan. his family have all fled the country to escape the victimisation and persecution of Christians in Pakistan.
He has lived in the UK for over 10 years and is part of our church community.
We fear that his life is at risk if he is forcibly deported to Pakistan where Christian people are subject to threat, harassment and violence.

This appeal is urgent, a ticket has been booked for 14th December for Asher's return to Pakistan. We are calling on Sajid Javid MP to release Asher Samson from Morton Hall detention centre immediately.

Personal story
I have known Asher and his family for over a year since I became minister at Hall Green United Community Church, Birmingham. Asher and his brother have been worshipping at our church for over 10 years and are part of the church family.
We are aware through different channels of the fear and persecution of Christians in Pakistan, not least of the case recently of Asia Bibi.
For years Christians in Pakistan have been subjected to violence, bombings and killings simply for practicing their faith in a predominantly Muslim country.
Asher's family have all fled Pakistan, their home country, and now live in peace in the UK and are able to worship freely, without fear of violence or threat to their life.
The UK is a Christian country, and as a Christian, Asher is looking for the UK's protection.

The OHCHR (United Nations) statement number 22/20 states that each individual has a right: "To ensure, in particular, the right of all individuals to worship, assemble or teach in connection with a religion or belief and their right to establish and maintain places for these purposes, and the right of all individuals to seek, receive and impart information and ideas in these areas" [1]

Please do not deport Asher, his life will certainly be mortal danger.



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