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Please Help To Give Away Self Sustainable Homes & Living Wage Green Jobs!

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Thank you for listening to your constituents!  I am writing you because I know that you believe in the good that people are capable of.  We are all looking for the right direction.  I believe that “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful” is not just a step in the right direction but I see it as having the potential to focus our creative energies and our desire to be Helpful.  The bigger this is, the more relationships it will build.  This is something I believe that will get the people motivated to volunteer and do the work that needs to be done to heal the Planet & the Economy!

What I am asking of you is to do all that which is legally within your power to have a local version of “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”.  Use your connections anything and anyone you think will be HelpfulThe positive ripple effects in your communities alone make it worthwhile.  In a time where more and more people are turning towards crime, now more than ever it is important for everyone in need to have an abundance of positive choices that eclipse the negative choices.  What would be the harm in no one wanting for anything they need to Survive or Thrive?

Thank you for your time and your continued desire to be Helpful to those that wish to be Helpful.

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

A little of their blog below…

Every Community builds all Small & Large Green Businesses needed to create a Sustainable Community.

It is like Extreme Makeover Home Edition but every local TV Station runs their version of 

“Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”.

Every Local TV Station Raffles Off & Gives Away Green Homes.  Multiple ways to win & or increase your chances of winning by being Helpful.  Winners Must, “Pay It Forward”

Advertisers will pay more because the viewers watch the TV Show for hidden clues in the TV Show & Commercials.  Use the clues to enter to win a brand new, Solar/Wind powered,  environmentally friendly, 3 bedroom home & 2 green cars.

Use Product placement to receive donations of products & or money.  Everything green we use & do, we are advertising for local services & products.

By building so many different variations of alternative energy & living, they all become cheaper faster.  The more we do it the cheaper it gets.

Eventually, we will have a Trust Fund & just spend the Revenue Gained never touching the Principle.  All Donations would be able to be added to the Principle just as the Multiple Ongoing Raffles.Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

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