Decision Maker Response

Katrina Shankland’s response

Jan 14, 2020 — No one should have to choose between their insulin and paying for their groceries, utilities, or rent. I'm pleased to work with my colleagues to introduce legislation to cap insulin costs, which is modeled after a Colorado law.

The patent for insulin was sold for just one dollar so that it was available to everyone who needed it. Since 2012, however, the price of insulin has more than doubled, with the list price for one vial of insulin at about $250. Today, one in four people with diabetes have said they've had to ration insulin because they can't afford the skyrocketing costs. People have died from rationing insulin, and we should never accept this, but instead work to change it.

In a moral society, everyone has access to the prescriptions and medicine they need to live. That's why I'm proud to work with my colleagues in addressing this issue and capping the price of insulin at $100 per month. It's the right thing to do, and I hope this spurs a much-needed conversation in the legislature on how we can work together to rein in the rising costs of prescription drugs.

Recently, Governor Tony Evers asked the legislature to act on this vital legislation for our public health. I encourage you to contact your state senator and state representative and ask them to cosponsor Assembly Bill 411 and Senate Bill 340. It's past time for us to act.

Thank you for your interest in this important issue!