Please help stop Land Reclamation in Melaka - Klebang, Sungai Leleh & ETC

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I am Tan, a resident of Tanjung Kling, and also a member of Klebang, Tanjung Kling, and Sungai Leleh coastline protecting online committee.

What happened?

Currently, there is a newly started project which is carried by Awan Plasma Sdn Bhd JV with China Construction Company CCC at the Klebang Side, behind the Ocean Palm condominium, and according to the UPEN plan replied by the Ketua Menteri office, it will cover until Sungai Leleh. However, from our interaction with the workers and engineering team, they actually planned to reclaim the whole coastline, which covers from Klebang to Tanjung Bruas. From the information we had, this plan is not disclosed to the public yet.

Melaka Land is more than sufficient

Melaka had over supply of empty reclaimed land, and inner land which are more than sufficient for development. However the developers kept filling up the seas as that is the cheapest way. Estimating at the cost of minimum Rm 60k per acre, and selling at highest RM120 per sqft. ( roughly RM 5 mil per acre ) according to

Now most of the reclaimed land is left empty, feeding up snakes and mouses, and also bunch of dried grass that is endangering residences life. There had also been few fire cases happened in the past.

Why is it Bad

For these projects, we will suffer from following negative impacts: 

  1. Melaka will forever lose our lovely seaside and beaches. We used to have beautiful beaches to spend some meaningful and lovely family time together in so many beaches of Melaka, now everything is gone. 
  2.  Heavy traffic jam and environment pollutions. Imagine those big construction vehicles with all the dirts and muds.
  3. Marine life and all the ecosystem is severely impacted. More land equals to less sea. This actually influence the whole regional. 
  4. Residents' safety: Houses along the reclaimed land are often broken into.  According to residences in Tengkera, they used to have sea behind their house and was a peaceful environment. After the land behind their house was reclaimed, their houses were visited by numerous thieves, even dogs got poisoned.
  5.  All the fishermen and former Hotel businesses will get a direct impact and lost their competitive advantages and unique propositions. We no longer have door front fresh seafood. Fishermen now have to go further into the rougher sea with their small boat, risking their life, and fishing at a higher cost.
  6. All the property value whether inland or coastal line will drop together and everyone other than developer will suffer from losses. If the developer had to purchase inland to build houses, they will have to pay more to develop, means the whole Melaka property value will rise. They reclaimed and build some cheap condo with cheap materials means over supply in property market, and everyone will only suffer in the end.
  7. This do totally no good to the local economy. Most of the projects are granted to the foreign engineer company, only some natural resources like sands and stones are purchase from local. These makes the construction cost for the local residences increased, consuming local resources, and didn't actually benefit the local businesses. The money earned by the foreign company and local partners will only benefit a small group of people, and later on transfer to other places, instead of local economy.
  8. Exposing more Malaysia young family towards danger. From those newly build condominium, which targeted heavily on young family with lesser savings and income. According to our interview, these tall buildings Shock Resistant is only at level 2 or level 1, which is the minimal or almost none shock resistant. These building were built on the sands, which very likely to erode, with only level 1 and 2 of shock resistant. This mean that any truck hitting the building at speed of 60km/h and you will see the whole building collapse in near future. And if there were current or land movement, these buildings will just collapse. Moreover, these buildings built on the reclamation area are mostly handed by Chinese construction company, many of them already shown cracks on their walls, this is depending on the quality of the building material, engineer, and the way they construct. This is actually exposing many life under great dangers. 
  9. Many of the reclamation material are actually taken from the already existing public resources. For examples, the sand boat just suck away the beaches from other places, and move towards the reclamation area. Many beaches disappear thanks to that.


How could you help us

Every signature or click of your petition help us to voice out, getting the awareness of the authorities, and getting more others aware that the impact of reclamation. We may have a chance to help in contributing a safer Melaka which may covers your family or friends, and also help in protecting some weaker parties living, protecting the endanger sea turtle and beautiful beaches that belongs to every Melakan, and also actually help in Melaka economy. 

We don't need the reclamation land, and none of us will actually benefit from it. Protect our homeland, provide a better living environment for our young ones!

We would really appreciate your support and share this out.

Thank you. 

Ps: This is not a protest, and this is a Petition. Our new government is selected by people, and we believe they will leading the country to a better future. They come with good reputation in helping the Rakyat, and we hereby raise this petition asking for their kind help to stop the reclamation of Melaka coastline.